The gameplay videos of the online shooter The Day Before look fantastic – and are very reminiscent of Ubisoft's The Division. The new video is also astonishing.

Does The Day Before look too good to be true?

In the online shooter you are not only on foot in a large open world overrun by zombies, but you also use some vehicles. Including a jeep with which you drive off-road through the countryside. The new video of the game The Day Before shows what that looks like. It is impressive how the vehicle drives through the high mud and leaves traces in the process. The lighting, the reflections and the detailed surroundings look stunning. Since the development team has not yet developed any major games, this again raises questions as to whether The Day Before is a real game at all.

The two previous videos with gameplay material already raised doubts in the community. This is strongly reminiscent of the situation around that Online game RAW, in which we also send the developer an email request had sent around their Kickstarter project. We haven't heard from RAW in the meantime and we probably never get to see the game.

It cannot be said whether The Day Before is a similar situation. However, you should be careful. The developers assert that this is a real game, but as long as you can't play anything, it is questionable whether an online shooter is really waiting for us here.

There should be beta tests before the Steam launch. Maybe these will shed some light as soon as they start. When that will be is not yet known.

Source: WCCFTech

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