The Christmas event in Anthem called Icetide started in early December and now in February the whole decoration can still be seen in the game. At the moment nobody seems to really care about the game.

Sure, no one throws the tree out of the window before New Year, but the fact that the event decoration still hangs out in Anthem in the second week of February 2020 is more of a sad statement for the game.

Maybe the event was only extended because too the start of the event was not without problems, For example, a gathering quest that involved searching for Christmas wreaths was not feasible due to a bug. The game's one year anniversary is already at the end of this month – so maybe nobody had time to turn off the lights?

After the release, Anthem won pretty much every “gifted potential” award there is. Bioware is currently planning to completely revise the game, So many developers are probably busy with this not so small challenge. The last update was at the end of January, which means that some developers are still working on the current status of the game. Removing the decoration would probably have been possible.

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It is questionable whether the game will get a second chance through the revision. Many players were very disappointed with the release status of the game and there was little improvement afterwards. Do you think a complete overhaul can still save the game?