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The developers of The Division 2 completely revamped the equipment system of the loot shooter. Gear 2.0 is designed to make items more understandable, rewarding and meaningful. This is intended to solve current problems such as masslessly senseless loot and incomprehensible objects.

In February, developers of Massive Entertainment closed Episode 3, the first year of The Division 2 (buy now for € 39.50) from. The content patch brings with it new story missions that your agents send back to New York to stop the machinations of an arch enemy of the division. But beyond that, the creators already have plans to provide the game with further changes and content. In the last issue of the weekly "State of the Game" stream, the developers therefore presented the fundamental revision of a game system that is currently one of the biggest criticisms of the players: the equipment and thus the loot.

Under the name Gear 2.0, the team from Malmö wants to tackle the problem that although there are currently lots of loot, most of it is pretty useless and the complex equipment system is usually rather unintuitive. To make the loot and thus the design of their own equipment satisfactory for the player again, the developers make a number of changes. For example, the controversial budget system will be abolished. This means that there can be real so-called godroll items, on which all attributes reach maximum values. The individual brand sets have been revised so that the bonuses are more geared towards certain playing styles.

With Gear 2.0, every item now also has a so-called core attribute. This is either weapon damage, armor value or additional skill rank (replaces the previous skill level). The core attribute is already intended to focus on offensive, defensive or skill skills. The functionality of Talten is also completely revised. So the powerful additions will only be available on vests and backpacks. For this, they are correspondingly strong and no longer require any prerequisites. The Talten should now especially strengthen your stats and thus support your playing style even more.

The innovation does not stop at exotic items and the green equipment sets. Here, too, you will only find talents on the vests and backpacks. However, these retain their uniqueness compared to the brand sets. In addition, the bonuses for wearing two, three or four parts are retained. In general, the sets should be more fun and feel more powerful. Gear 2.0 will be released sometime after episode 3 with new content and a higher power cap, which should motivate the player to hunt for new gear. A more detailed look at the presented Changes from Gear 2.0 you can also read the linked article on the German fansite mydivision.net.

Source: State of the Game (via mydivision.net)

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