PC Games: The Division 2 (buy now for 34.49 €) is approaching its one year anniversary. The first division had a pretty bumpy first year. How would you rate the trip of the second part in comparison?
Drew calculator: "It was a huge experience for us at the first division to release this big game. We learned to be transparent with the players, to work with their feedback and to provide updates to solve the problems of the game. This approach Staying in touch with our players always shaped us in The Division 2 right from the start. It's not just about scouring Reddit, Youtube and the official forums, but also about initiatives like the Elite Task Force, with which we Invite a mix of casual and Harcore players to hold workshops and talk about our future plans, and we’re now bundling all that experience in Warlords of New York with a lot of novelty for the player, level 30 cap increase to 40 and the revision of our RPG systems. We're excited to be able to present it to the players. "

Drewrechner has been Associate Game Director for The Division 2 at Massive Entertainment in Malmo for five months. Previously, he worked at the studio as a game designer, senior game designer and lead AI designer. Before joining Massive, Drew Rechenler worked as a project lead for the BGR team that implemented Baldur’s Gate Reloaded. For TimeGate Studios, he worked as a game designer on Alien: Colonial Marines.
PC Games:
Before we get to the expansion, the third episode awaits us. Already in this episode we visit New York again. Even if it is not going to Manhattan, but to Brooklyn: How much will this excursion be a memorable experience for veterans of the first part?
Computer: "If you've been to New York, especially in the summer, there's a special association that you have with Coney Island. You have Brooklyn in the background and you can see some parts of Manhattan. I think this is a little taste of New York. And the players just feel the atmosphere that New York brings with it. It's the prologue to a bigger adventure in Warlords of New York chasing Aaron Keener in Lower Manhattan. "

PC Games: With Warlords of New York we are now returning to New York much longer than originally thought. How did the decision for this larger return come about? Has Washington's potential as a venue already been exhausted?
Computer: "When we look at New York, it obviously plays a big role in the series. This is where the virus broke out – this is where our story started. So it was natural for us where Warlords of New York was playing because it is the end of this storyline. You are finally, finally looking for the cure and hunting for Aaron Keener. This is how this story arc that we started in the first part is ultimately completed. "

Associate Game Director Drew calculator

Associate Game Director Drew calculator

Source: Ubisoft

PC Games: You also talked about the gameplay changes that will come with the expansion. You already showed some of it in the "State of the Game" stream. What was the idea behind Gear 2.0 and these drastic changes?
Computer: "When we look back at The Division 2, which is now almost a year old, we have received a lot of feedback from the community over the years. What we have really noticed is that our gear system is good for many players because of its depth With this depth, however, there was also a lot of complexity. This created some tension for new players, but also in the endgame for experienced players. A player in today's endgame has to deal with a lot of random factors. There are a lot of different values ​​that because of our budget system we can roll in different value ranges, so we want to make equipment less random because it only puts players under pressure to do more with inventory than with the game. We don't want players to excel have to play to understand their equipment, they are supposed to play the game, so we want to tackle the problem at the core, in the RPG system We want to purify it, but we also want to make sure to maintain the depth that makes The Division so special. But it should be more intuitive and understandable. "

PC Games: Looking back, would you say that you have changed too much in the equipment system compared to its predecessor? With the exception of the strong focus on the sets, the Gear has developed very well over the lifetime of The Division 1 and ultimately worked very well. What were your thoughts when you saw that many fans have their problems with the new system?
Computer: "Our ambition in The Division 2 was to enable the player to make meaningful decisions and to offer a gear system that has a lot of depth and options that encourages creativity and critical thinking. Against the background, I think we have achieved something that we’re proud of. At this point, it’s more about how we can keep all these good things while getting rid of the complexity that has crept in but we don’t really want to. ”

The Division 2: Warlords of New York - Interview with Game Director (14)

The Division 2: Warlords of New York – Interview with Game Director (14)

Source: Ubisoft

PC Games: You published the new content for free in the first year. Before the release, you gave the reason that the community should not be split up again as was the case with the paid DLCs of the first part. Why did you choose payment content again?
Computer: "Warlords of New York allows players who haven't bought the expansion to play with add-on players as soon as they complete the New York campaign."

PC Games: Does that mean players without a DLC can visit New York if a group member owns the DLC?
Computer: "No, but you can play together. All of Washington and all of New York is your endgame. So you can play together in Washington, but New York is exclusive to expansion players. Warlords of New York is primarily a story-based expansion. It There are four new zones, the Investigation and Hunt for Aaron Keener, within our Living World system, so it's a very large package, but the new campaign must first be completed in order to play with other players.

PC Games: The systemic changes to the add-on will certainly be made available to all players. Gear 2.0 only for owners of the extension would make no sense, for example.
Computer: "Exactly, this system will be available to all players. There is even a small increase in the maximum gear score to 515 for level 30 players. So we also give our players a little increase in power at level 30."

The Division 2: Warlords of New York - Interview with Game Director (18)

The Division 2: Warlords of New York – Interview with Game Director (18)

Source: Ubisoft

PC Games: The second raid was originally supposed to appear with episode 3, but was postponed by you. Is it due to the mixed reactions to the first raid? What did you learn from the first raid in division history?
Computer: "We learned a lot from the first raid. We learned that there is a craving for this hard, challenging content in the game. We also learned a lot from watching the groups in the raid, how the players coordinate and cooperate to to overcome the hurdles. The second raid will use this knowledge to further promote the required coordination and teamwork. So yes, the second raid is in many ways the result of our experience that we gained in the first raid.

PC Games: Is the upcoming expansion the final sprint in terms of additional content for The Division 2? What can we expect afterwards? Can we expect more new DLCs after this one-time big content update or will you concentrate more on the announced seasons in the future?
Computer: "Seasons are our new endgame concept. It is a search for a brand new, important goal. I can't tell why it is important, but it will be really important. And of course we also have the global events and the leagues , for which the players will also be rewarded. We think this package will be very exciting for players. This is our completely free plan for the second year. Unfortunately, I can’t talk about what will happen afterwards. "

PC Games: You also talked about a so-called Battlepass today. What exactly is behind it? Can you go on with this?
Computer: "In seasons, you get rewards while you play. That means there will be a seasonal progression system, and you will earn rewards in it. The Battlepass-like system – we haven't yet agreed what we officially call it – is similar these rewards, just more. That means you get more of the regular rewards and then additional things like cosmetics, but it shouldn't affect any game elements.

PC Games: So it's something you have to buy like other comparable Battlepass systems?
Computer: "No, absolutely not. In our case, it only offers more of the rewards in one season and exclusive cosmetic items."

PC Games: Thank you for the interview!

The Division 2: Warlords of New York – video introduces story and characters

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