The four pacts are the big feature of the upcoming expansion. At the end of the level phase in which we have made the acquaintance of the pacts of the Kyrians, Nekrolords, Nachtfae and Venthyr, we have to choose one of the four groups and join them. Only when we have done that does the endgame begin for us. But we shouldn't make this decision too lightly. The developers put the choice of the pact on a par with the choice of class in various interviews. But it won't be quite as drastic as you can change your pact during the expansion (which is associated with a lot of effort). Not only the further story in the endgame depends on the pact, but also your ability to pact. In the beta, we took a close look at what these are and how well they are suitable for the Druid's playing styles.

The Kyrians, who you get to know while leveling in the first area, will treat you to them Soulmatesif you join them. This ability is thematically based on the druid and his role as a supporter, who cares less about himself and more about his allies. Because with the Soulmates you bind yourself to one of your fellow players and share your powers with him. Once per minute you can give your soul mate a ten second buff, which depends on your specialization. Tanks thus redirect 40 percent of the damage that the target suffers to themselves. Healers provide their partner with 30 percent of all healing that you generate during the term. Cats and owls, on the other hand, grant their soul mate 30 percent of their damage caused as arcane bonus damage, additional healing or as an absorb shield – depending on the partner's role. You can also choose yourself as a partner and then buff each minute for ten seconds. Owls and cats take 15 percent more damage, tanks take 10 percent less damage, and healers increase their healings by 15 percent.

This ability to make pacts only plays to its potential when you are out and about in a group. The bonus when you work the skill on yourself is nice, but it can't keep up with the bonus on a second player. So if you travel solo a lot, you should stay away from it. Healing Druids in particular should take a close look at it. The Soulmates works excellently as a defensive cooldown on individual players, this applies to both raids and Mythic Plus dungeons.

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The Necrolords from Maldraxxus will provide you with Adaptive swarm. This is a debuff that you can bet on opponents, fellow players and also on yourself. This deals some damage (or heals allies) and jumps to the next target after twelve seconds. He always alternates between opponents and allies. After three jumps the debuff disappears again. Since the ability only has a cooldown of 25 seconds, you can keep multiple debuffs active at the same time. Besides the bit of damage or healing, the debuff has another important effect. It boosts all of your regular effects on the target by 20 percent. So the HoTs of the trees tick stronger, just like the DoTs and bleeding of owls, cats and bears. Tanks can even use it to heal themselves Frenzied regeneration amplify, which is unfortunately a bit tedious due to the global cooldown time.
The effect of Adaptive swarm is not particularly strong, but the ability fits seamlessly into the rotations of the four play styles and is also useful for any type of content. If you want to be set up universally and are looking for a constant increase in damage and healing, you can access it here. However, in a large raid with many opponents, it can be frustrating when the debuff jumps on the wrong targets.

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If you activate the convocation of the spirits, then you start to flash blue and pop out 16 druidic abilities within four seconds. & Nbsp;

If you activate the convocation of the spirits, then you begin to flash blue and pop out 16 druidic abilities within four seconds.

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In the Ardenwald the night fish wait with the Convocation of the spirits on you. Every two minutes you can unleash the concentrated power of the druids. During the four seconds of sewerage, during which you are allowed to move, you have a total of 16 druidic skills on nearby opponents, fellow players or yourself. However, you have no influence on which they are. Although the system prefers the skills that correspond to your current form, chance still plays a major role. Available for selection Moonfire, anger, Regrowth, rejuvenation, Swipe of a Claw and Hit. Then there are also skills of specialization. Iron skin and Mangle for tanks, Wild growth and Rapid healing for healers, Star suction and Star rain for owls, as well Wild bite, Shredding and Tiger fury for cats. In the beta, you can get a little more potential out by changing into the right shape. As a healer, you would rather cast more damage spells, then you quickly switch to the cat or moonkin form. The other way around, of course, works just as well.
Not only do the Nachtfae best suit the Druids thematically, they also offer excellent pact skills. The wild mix of skills that are let loose in no time can range from immensely strong to pretty useless, but in most cases they are so strong that they are superior to the other pact skills. The Guardian Druids are especially happy about the additional stacks of Iron skin. But all other ways of playing also benefit from the skills. In addition, the Convocation of the spirits very flexible, because it is linked to your shape and not to your style of play.

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The Insatiable Frenzy not only increases your damage, but also makes you glow red. & Nbsp;

The Insatiable Frenzy not only increases your damage, but also makes you glow red.

Source: Buffed

In the last of the four areas you meet the Venthyr, who equip you with the insatiable frenzy. You can activate this buff every three minutes, which is then active for 20 seconds. During the runtime you increase your damage, your healing and your speed with every druidic ability you use by two percent. Depending on which skills you use and how much speed you already have, you can get over 15 stacks. However, the use of Insatiable frenzy dangerous. If you don't use an ability for more than 1.5 seconds, you will be stunned and take damage equal to three percent of your maximum health per stack. Therefore, you need to plan carefully when you will use the pact ability. One broken off due to necessary movement anger as an owl can quickly mean the end if you do not cast one of your instant spells with your presence of mind.
The Insatiable frenzy is more difficult to use than it seems at first glance. Because the 1.5 seconds are very, very short. And an anesthetic plus damage at the wrong moment means death quickly. In addition, the positive effect is not particularly strong. Only moonkin druids get the highest increase in damage here (at beta time). For Restoration Druids, the Insatiable frenzy also be useful. But only if it is always used well.

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The signature capabilities of the pacts

In addition to the pact skills, you also get a signature skill for your pact. Although this is the same for all classes, it can quickly make the difference if you are not entirely sure which pact you want to join.

The Provost, which you get as a signature ability from the Kyrians in Bastion, could easily pass as the little brother of the Mondkins. & Nbsp;

The Provost, which you get as a signature ability with the Kyrians in Bastion, could easily pass as the little brother of the Mondkins.

Source: Buffed

Summon Provost (Kyrians): Every five minutes you can summon your little servant who will give you three vials of equanimity. These heal you a little at the push of a button and remove all magic effects as well as curses, diseases, poisons and bleeding. Removing debuffs of almost any kind can be extremely strong or completely useless (if there are no debuffs). In Mythic Plus dungeons and PvP, this ability will certainly not only be popular with tanks. In raids, on the other hand, it depends on which bosses await us.

Meat shaping (Nekrolords): Every two minutes you can channel a four-second spell that gives you a shield equal to 20 percent of your life points. Depending on the number of defeated enemies in your area, the shield can be increased up to 50 percent. You can't go wrong with an additional shield. Tanks in particular are happy, but all other ways of playing like to take the shield with them.

Soul shape (Nachtfae): Every 90 seconds you are allowed to transform into a Vulpin for twelve seconds. As such, you can move 50 percent faster and teleport several times forward twelve meters at the push of a button. The additional sprint would actually be very welcome. However, the transformation brings you out of your druidic form. So you then need another global cooldown to get back into bear, cat or moonkin form. Therefore it is hardly usable in combat.

Shadow gate (Venthyr): Every 60 seconds you can teleport up to 35 meters with the shadow gate. In the open world, the shadow gate is extremely useful as long as you cannot fly. It can also make sense in raids or dungeons. Due to the magic time of the gate, you will reach your goal faster with your tiger sprint. And you don't need the gate to leave groups in dungeons, as you can sneak.

Which pact is suitable for whom?

Before the developers at Blizzard have finished with the balancing, it is of course not possible to conclusively say which pact makes the most sense for which game style. At the moment we would advise most druids to go to the night Fae. The Convocation of the spirits can be used very flexibly, is equally good in raid, PvP and Mythic-Plus and is very easy to use. You only join the Kyrians if you are mainly traveling as a group. We currently advise against the Nekrolords and Venthyr. Their skills are currently significantly weaker and it is also much more difficult to fully exploit their potential. With further balancing, a lot can change here.

All of this information is in the beta of WoW (buy now 15.00 € ) Taken from Shadowlands and can of course change at any time. This applies both to the numerical values ​​and to the functioning of the skills in general.

How about you – what pact will you make with your druid? And do you decide based on skills or rather on the setting and story of the respective area?

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