Video game films have not had a very good reputation so far. Of course, with a popular series of games like Metal Gear Solid, fans are afraid that it could turn into another disappointment and that the essence of their favorite game would not be properly captured.

The new information, which the Director Jordan Vogt-Roberts in one Interview mit Entertainment Weekly shared, but cast a positive light on the new film. The director wants to bring the legendary stealth gameplay of the series to the big screens and create “a new kind of action, which is also based on the silence of stealth”.

That sounds very exciting for all Metal Gear Solid fans, of course. Jordan Vogt-Roberts has been enthusiastic about the series for a long time and has been trying to make a film possible for over seven years. The director has also been playing with the idea of ​​transforming the “active experience of a video game” into the “passive experience of a film” for some time:

“These are not one-to-one transmissions. I think you really have to understand what a game gets from you, why it makes you feel certain things, and the atmosphere it offers.”

The film adaptation of the extremely popular series is probably in good hands with Jordan Vogt-Roberts. His choice for the legendary soldier’s actor was also well received by many fans. Oscar Isaac will throw himself into the sneaking suit, but probably not anytime soon. The actor’s calendar is currently still quite full, with his appearance in a future Disney Plus series and other, as yet unconfirmed projects.

In addition to the film project, Vogt-Roberts would also like to produce an animated series based on Metal-Gear-Solid and bring the original voice actor from Solid Snake, David Hayter, on board.

The video game series seems to be on hold at the moment, but fans of metal gear can still look forward to some exciting projects from the universe with the film and an animated series.

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