The release of the stealth action game Hitman 3 is not planned until January 20, 2021. However, you can already take a closer look at what is happening in the game. A new video is now available showing you the first five minutes. This is the launch mission in Dubai.

There Agent 47 first ends up in lofty heights on the outside area of ​​a dizzying high skyscraper. Before he can enter it, he has to look for a suitable window, balancing and jumping. This opening scene is basically reminiscent of the similarly exciting passage from the film Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol with Tom Cruise – if not quite as nerve-wracking. Incidentally, Agent 47's new camera is also used, with the help of which he is able to pick locks. Once inside, the protagonist has to squeeze through some shafts before he – dressed in new clothes – can mix himself into the hustle and bustle of a cozy party. Among other things, he gets to see the enormous luxury of the skyscraper.

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The mix of gameplay scenes and cutscenes gives you a good first impression of Hitman 3 (buy now € 59.99 ). In the course of the campaign, Agent 47 ends up not only in Dubai, but also in other countries. He also visits Dartmoor in England and the Chinese metropolis of Chongping. A multiplayer mode is also not planned this time, as is a comeback of the ghost mode.

Source: Game Informer

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