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Bethesda has released the Wastelanders update for Fallout 76, which turns the game upside down. But how is this new version received? The first international reviews do not paint a rosy picture.

With Wastelanders we get a kind Fallout 76 2.0. The game is supplemented by NPCs and quests as well as companions and factions and is intended to approach the single-player parts of the post-apocalyptic RPG series. How is that received?

This is what the international game press thinks about Wastelanders

There are not yet many reviews of the Fallout 76 wastelanders update (buy now). We still introduce the few here to you.

  • metro – 5/10
  • US gamers – "Wastelanders is a major improvement, and hopefully just the first step in a much larger plan for Fallout 76."
  • RockPaperShotgun – "Ultimately, it would have been easier just to make a normal Fallout game in the first place, rather than reverse engineer one from a busted MMO."
  • Gamestar – 68%

The tests show that Fallout 76 still has the same problems as before, despite the NPCs and all the innovations. This includes rickety fights, suboptimal operation, bugs and outdated technology. The NPCs are also not supposed to be as deeply developed as one might wish and most side quests are just simple, randomly generated missions. Nevertheless, Wastelanders is upgrading the original game a bit with a very good main quest and interesting factions.

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