This is what the developer says about Union: Contracts / Hinterland for Everspace 2.

“The first major content update, Union: Contracts / Hinterland, for the highly acclaimed open-world space action RPG EVERSPACE 2 from independent developer and publisher ROCKFISH Games, is now available on Steam and GOG. Space game fans can access a new companion, additional main and side story missions, the introduction of the brand new smuggling gameplay as well as a new ship class, activities, challenges, improved game balancing, special equipment with set bonuses and more.

The largest part of the content of this update are the three new main and three side missions as well as some additional side activities, all of which take place in the second star system called Union. As part of these missions, the pilots can familiarize themselves with the new smuggling gameplay in Elek, the villainous outlaw known from EVERSPACE: Encounters, who joins the group around the protagonist Adam as a new companion after his rescue.

Early Access players can now jump into the cockpit of the new heavy class bomber, a bulky expert in destruction with a practically unlimited magazine of missiles and mines that has the ability to regenerate its hull by damaging enemies and also has the infamous ARC-9000 on board – this popular secondary weapon of mass destruction from the first EVERSPACE part is making a comeback as the explosive ultimate of the bomber.

“EVERSPACE 2 got off to a brilliant start in January with 92% positive ratings on Steam. The initial version already offers eight to twelve hours of story content and twice as many side activities, exciting secrets and challenges as well as five ship classes. Our fans were really excited and are hot for more, “says Michael Schade, CEO and co-founder of ROCKFISH Games. “With Union: Contracts / Hinterland we are adding new, carefully scripted story content, introducing completely new gameplay mechanics, offering a new class of ships with a unique play style and having many other treasures hidden in Union. We also have a lot of optimizations and improvements to the entire game. To experience all of this freshly, we encourage EVERSPACE 2 pilots to start over, but of course you can just continue playing with the last game. “

After Union: Contracts / Hinterland, the second major update for EVERSPACE 2 will follow this summer: This will be called “Zharkov: The Vortex” and another companion, new enemy types, new creatures and space phenomena as well as additional main and side missions, activities and bring more content. “

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