According to the developer, GTFO should not be something for everyone. Nevertheless, the first players are enthusiastic about this horror shooter. But why is that?

Since Monday, GTFO is on Steam in the Early Access Version available. The reviews are so far very positive. The overall ranking of the game is currently over 900 reviews 86 percent, "very positive". The bock heavy horror shooter actually only aimed at Hardcore gamers. They then have to feel like a cooperative game in which they have to gather together their players in the absence of a matchmaking function. On Steam even the developers warn even before their game:

GTFO is damn hard – so survival requires full commitment and teamwork! This is not a game in between, so please check out a stream or clip on YouTube to know what you're getting into. "

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The players are apparently very satisfied despite everything. How the game is going to break in the future? We will keep you up to date!

Original message from December 8, 13:10:

GTFO does not sound like the title of a game, but that's what it is. In fact, it's the name of a new promising horror survival shooter from the payday 2 developer – and soon you can play it.

There are some games whose names are a bit weird, but these are usually remembered. GTFO from 10 Chambers Collective may be the next candidate. The studio is located in Stockholm, Sweden and was founded in 2015 by Ulf Anddersson. Previously, he worked as Game Designer for the Payday 2 series.

GTFO is the debut title of the independent studio and has just completed the alpha test. From the 9th of December the game enters the early access phase Steam and can then be played by you.

An explanation of the missions.

That's what GTFO is about

According to the studio, GTFO is a frightening 4-player co-op in first-person perspective. As part of a raiding team, it's time to search for precious artifacts in a large underground complex overrun by gruesome monsters. In order to survive, it is necessary to collect weapons, tools and resources, and to develop an escape plan.

Steam describes the game as follows:

"GTFO is a cooperative hardcore game for 4 players with a focus on team play and atmosphere. The Expedition Director provides varied scenarios, breathtaking excitement, team-based solving puzzles, and thrilling battles. "