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The people in charge at Netflix have released the first trailer of the anima series Dragon's Dogma. The video game adaptation is to appear exclusively on the streaming platform on September 17th. The almost two and a half minutes prepare you for the starting point of the adventure.

It has been known for a while that those responsible for Netflix, an anime series set in the universe of Dragon's Dogma have commissioned. The role-playing insider tip from Devil May Cry creator Hideaki Itsuno has had a loyal fan base for years with its multi-layered combat system, extensive character editor and dark fantasy world. Now it should also go on Netflix against dragons and other monsters.

When exactly? From September 17th. And if you want to shorten the waiting time until then, you can do so with the freshly released trailer for Dragon's Dogma, which the makers accompany with the following lines:

"After losing his home to a dragon, Ethan goes on the hunt for it in order to destroy it once and for all. A vassal appears at his side to protect him. But the dangers that lurk on Ethan , go way beyond their imagination … because if you fight monsters, you have to become one yourself. "

Dragon's Dogma: Trailer gives a glimpse of the Netflix series

How do you like the style of the series and what has been shown so far? Are you looking forward to Dragon's Dogma or are you leaving the new Netflix series cold? Let us know in the comments!

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