The first trailer reveals more about the story

from Andreas Bertits
The first trailer for the movie Bill & Ted Face the Music is here. We not only see a smooth-shaved Keanu Reeves, but we learn more about the story and what makes the two chaots Bill and Ted travel through time this time.

Chaos Bill S. Preston, Honorable and Ted "The Rhinoceros" Logan are back. The first trailer for the movie Bill & Ted Face the Music shows us two aged musicians who have to save the world.

Full pot, hoshis!

In the trailer we learn that Bill and Ted can hardly inspire their fans. At the concerts of the two, spectators are only present when there are cheap tacos. The two did not write the song, which should unite the world peace and all beings of the universe, even after almost 30 years. But it is high time now. Because if the two songs don't write, then the future of peace, joy, and pancakes dissolves. But what to do if you have a blockage and just don't want to make a good song?

So the two plan to steal from themselves. They want to travel to the future where they have already composed the song and then use the song in their own time to save the world. Sounds like a crazy plan that seems to be causing chaos again. Because on their journey through time they meet themselves – but not as the two remember themselves … On the way they even meet Godfather Death and the daughters of Bill & Ted also play a role.

Bill & Ted Face the Music: The first trailer for the sequel is here

The trailer shows us Bill & Ted at an advanced age, but apparently they still haven't got the curve. Keanu Reeves, somewhat unfamiliar without a full beard, and Alex Winter bring the two characters over 30 years after the last adventure.

The film is supposed to be released on August 20. It is currently unclear whether this will remain the case with the Corona crisis. But at least the funny trailer awakens nostalgic feelings and the anticipation for the movie.

Source: Dark horizons