The year 2019 is slowly but surely coming to an end – and with it the current decade. We take this as an opportunity to take a look at the past ten years and introduce you to the five best games in each genre. After leaving the role-playing game segment behind, we turn to the first-person shooters in this special. For a long time we have been thinking about which games deserve to be on our top 5 list. Are you missing a game? No problem, just write us your top titles in the comments!

Certainly none of you seriously expected that this top 5 would do without a game from the still very popular Call of Duty series. Actually, the only question was which episode we choose. Our choice ultimately fell on Call of Duty: Black Ops, which came on the market right at the beginning of this decade in 2010. The explanation is relatively simple: The first Black Ops was not only a visual delight for its time, but also knew how to please because of the interesting story. It is located at the time of the Cold War and does not ignore the psychological effects of this major conflict on people. In addition, there is an addicting multiplayer mode including kill streaks, a currency system and the opportunity to train with AI opponents. In addition, in the first Black Ops, the map called "Nuketown", which is still very popular with many fans, made its debut.

Link to the test: call of Duty Black Ops

Call of Duty Black Ops PCGH benchmark scene

In 2012, the first-person shooter Far Cry 3 for PC and consoles was launched. The third episode of the series is still the highlight of many fans to this day, which had several reasons. The game made a clean impression in terms of technology and had some pretty settings. There is also a multifaceted story in which elements such as the struggle for survival, tribal wars and psychopaths play an important role. However, the real star of Far Cry 3 is definitely Vaas Montenegro, who is considered one of the meanest and most convincing villains in gaming history. His performances were always a real (emotional) experience. In addition, Far Cry 3 remains in the mind of shooter fans due to the large scope for action and the varied tasks.

Link to the test Far Cry 3

Far Cry 3: Far Cry 3: The island shooter in the video test

Titanfall 2 from Respawn Entertainment saw the light of the gaming world in 2016 and should be more than just a worthy successor. The first Titanfall was certainly not a bad game, but it had one or two weaknesses. Among other things, a real solo campaign was missing. Titanfall 2 had such a feature to the delight of many fans – and a really good one, which was often about the pilots' relationships with their Titans. But even in the previously very appealing multiplayer mode, the developers had done a lot: Among other things, there was a larger selection of Titans. The team had even thought of gripping boss fights. In addition, the players could unlock many extras to visually adapt both their 'Mechs and the pilots to their taste. Logically, this had a positive effect on long-term motivation and was able to keep fans on the ball longer.

Link to the test: Titan case 2

Titanfall 2: Test video for the Titan shooter

Of course, a representative of the Battlefield series should not be missing from our list, nor from the call-of-duty competition. After some time of thinking, we decided on Battlefield 4 from 2013. The highly anticipated campaign fell short of the expectations of most fans. But the terrific multiplayer part to date more than made up for that. Among other things, the extremely motivating level system should be mentioned, which in itself captivates numerous hours on the screen. Added to this is the debut of the Commander mode, in which a leader of the groups can act using an overview map and thus give his comrades an advantage. The introduction of the Levolution feature is also worth remembering: parts of the multiplayer maps could be destroyed, which in turn had an impact on the architecture of the battlefields and the course of the game. Battlefield 4 also looked really good at the time.

Link to the test: Battlefield 4

Battlefield 4: Battlefield 4 in the test video

When it comes to memorable first-person shooters of this decade, we can't avoid the Infinite Bioshock. Oddly enough, the pure shooter part of this action game is not particularly outstanding or demanding. In principle, it is "only" a simplified version of the two predecessors. But why is the game still on our list? This is mainly due to the story, which is as profound as it is brilliantly told. Booker DeWitt's trip to the cloud city of Columbia is bursting with loving details, interesting developments and bizarre ideas. It will get a bit confused towards the end of the game (including a surprising unveiling), and some fans will probably have a whole mountain of questions after the end. But that does not change the very memorable moments that you experience with the characters that are becoming more and more dear to your heart.

Link to the test: Bioshock Infinite

Bioshock Infinite: Bioshock Infinite – video test of the PS3 version

We are well aware that you miss one or two first-person shooters on this list. With the limitation to a top 5, unfortunately, many games are dropped. After all, this decade had a lot of excellent shooter adventures to offer. Let us know in the comments what your personal top 5 looks like and why you chose it.

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