For a short time, a leaked video for the new DC film The Flash circulated on the Internet, including recordings of Michael Keaton as Batman and featured Sasha Calle as a supergirl. But the copyright police were faster than the eponymous superhero: The video has disappeared from both YouTube and Twitter. We’ll tell you which insights you missed.

A video like The Flash: Appeared and Immediately Disappeared writes that it is unclear where exactly the video came from. Apparently, one of the first sources was the Twitter account The Flash Film Newsoperated by a private individual and not affiliated with Warner Bros. Pictures. In the meantime, the video can no longer be found there and you will probably look in vain for the leak. Big Screen Leaks assumes that the video was intended for an event, namely the CinemaCon or the DC Fandome. That would explain why DC was so keen to get the leak removed as soon as possible.

In addition to Keaton and Calle, Ezra Miller as Barry Allen and the Batmobile could also be seen on the video. One character also had a bold spoiler sign. ComicBookMovie speculates that this is Ben Affleck as Batman could act. In addition, the video also showed interview excerpts with the director Andy Muschietti (Mama, Es) and Ezra Miller, who spoke of several Batman. Robert Pattinson was not there. After all, he’s with me engaged in his own filming as Batman.

That Michael Keaton as Batman in The Flash (buy now 33,99 € ) will occur has been known for a long time. After confirmation from Keaton’s agency followed a few weeks later an Instagram post from the director showing the yellow bat icon of Keaton’s Batman from 1989 could be seen. The Flash is currently being shot in the UK and will hit theaters on November 4th, 2022.

Those: ComicBookMovie

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