Does the world end on the weekend? You can ask yourself that, if within three days the whole of Germany will be around 20 degrees warmer. But if we survive the onset of summer, there will be time for a brand new Star Wars series – and a few superheroes.

Netflix series & films: offers and costs of the streaming service

Well, what do we all watch on the weekend? And is there anything good at all? Equipped with a magnifying glass and a Sherlock hat, we scoured the streaming platforms for you and didn’t have to look that long – because there is a highlight everywhere that you may not want to miss either. Psst: Especially if you are a Star Wars fan.

Star Wars: The Bad Batch auf Disney+

IMDB rating: 9,1

Star Wars is back in fashion – on Disney +, of course. In the new series Star Wars: The Bad Batch She is accompanied by a battalion made up of experimental elite clone warriors who make their way through the galaxy after the Clone Wars. It’s about a Spin-off of the popular series Star Wars: The Clone Wars. You can also watch The Bad Batch without knowledge of the animated series.

So far, two episodes are online; a new one is added every week.

Stream Star Wars: The Bad Batch on Disney + now.

The Amazing Spider-Man on Amazon Prime Video

IMDB rating: 6,9

The Amazing Spider-Man can recently be streamed on Amazon Prime Video: between old-school spider-man Tobey Maguire and the new spider-man Tom Holland there was – as many of you probably know – still a Spider-Man: Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man cares for you darker, slightly more realistic superheroesthat moves closer to the comics. A must for all Spider-Man fans!

Stream The Amazing Spider-Man on Amazon Prime Video now.

Jupiter’s Legacy on Netflix

There are brand new superheroes to marvel at from Friday on Neflix: With Jupiter’s Legacy the comic series of the same name was filmed by Mark Millar and Frank Quitely – no Marvel, no DC. Instead, the comic is assigned to the Millarverse – those comics that were invented by Mark Millar. Fans of the Millarverse could also hope for more Netflix films: The streaming company secretly secured the rights for the comics as early as 2018. You can read more about Jupiter’s Legacy with us.

Stream the entire first season of Jupiter’s Legacy on Netflix now.

The GIGA editorial team collects insider tips on Netflix for you:

Well, what if this isn’t even a fantastic weekend for streaming fans? At least if you like superheroes and / or Star Wars. What you should. At least one of them. And what’s up for you this weekend? House cleaning? Tanning in the summer heat? A yoga marathon ?!