Subnautica is possibly the best survival game out there. And if you ask me personally, you can delete the “maybe” as well. What’s the matter? After crash landing on an alien planet, you will see two things: your burning spaceship in the distance and a vast, vast ocean – the shallows of which you will explore.


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It’s been years when me Subnautica discovered. Back then, the survival game was still in Early Access, and some YouTubers had pulled it out of the depths and played it in their Let’s Plays. It was a time of survival games, back then: The Forest also had Early Access shoes on, Stranded Deep was played, The Long Dark tormented Let’s Player with its merciless cold and darkness. At the time I was just watching others swim through the depths of a strange ocean, further, further in, deeper, deeper, deeper.

It had fascinated me, but I thought to myself: Isn’t it lonely to play Subnautica – which is only available in single player? Better to watch than get wet yourself, I thought. Then Subnautica became free on the PS Store. For everyone, not just for PS Plus users. And suddenly all my friends were playing it, talking about it all the time and I couldn’t help but give Subnautica a new chance after all: this time, I am the captain, ready to explore the secret of this strange, alien planet on my own. Since then I can’t stop because never before has a survival game grabbed my throat so tightly and fascinatingly.

So Subnautica pulls you into the depths – check it out:

“It may be the best survival game ever made.” – Forbes

For days now, I’ve only been living underwater in my free time. Either in mine multi-story basewhere I grow strange plants, Incubate eggs with an incubator or just mine Decorate bedroom. Or in my little watercraft, which I am in such a way dark depths of the ocean promoted that sometimes my stomach feels queasy: If you think the vastness of the ocean is impressive at the beginning of the game, don’t be mistaken about the fact that the depth goes much further – to the darkest, scariest places you can imagine. And please read “unheimlich” literally: un-secretly, strange; Places that wouldn’t provide a home, places that people shouldn’t go to. You are not wanted down here.

Is Subnautica a horror game? Some call it that. But as absurd as it sounds, the horror here is a slack, realistic one that scouts the fear of dark depths down to the smallest detail. Driven by one almost endless fascination Every few minutes I discover new things, devices, underwater beings and worlds, accompanied by a deep roar that penetrates from the black depths. I want to see it all, and most of all, I don’t want to stop playing.

“I feel like I’m in a sci-fi movie.” – 8-BitRyan

At its watery heart, Subnautica is, as you can guess, a survival game. For everyone who is not familiar with the genre: Here you have to survive. Stranded alone on an alien planet, you explore the underwater kingdom to secure food, filtered water and possible rescue. While some underwater creatures like to bite and eat you, you also have to pay attention to your oxygen consumption and explore, explore, explore. This is the only way to find enough technology and maybe even other survivors to get closer to your escape.

Almost all survival games have something in common Nutritional as well as building system: Gather resources, cook and build a home that will protect you from the wilderness. The balance between the annoying constant-looking for food and simply eating-I-don’t-interest-at all is difficult to keep. But Subnautica shines in it – and not only there: The unknown, almost endless underwater world fascinates and attracts you in the first hour as intensely as in the tenth. There is always something new to discover, to do, to collect; again and again you will be rewarded and experiences “Oh! That is also possible ?! ”- Moments, everything becomes easier and harder again and again.

Once you have the food supply under control, you want to build your base and need new resources. The Search for new resources leads you deeper into the seaand suddenly you discover worlds and secrets that you have not even dreamed of. New technologies, but also new enemies come into your field of vision, new goals and things that you want to get done. While in other survival games my only goal before a session is often, “Dismantle more this and that”, I start every Subnautica round with a number of possibilities, all of which are tempting and yes: damn fun.

“I never thought that I would have so much fun.” – Me

When I installed Subnautica on the PS4, I didn’t think it would blow my mind. As a gaming editor, very few games manage to do that after a while, and I already knew Subnautica: Not the entire story, but the premise and what exactly the game actually is. Thought wrong! To disappear even in this underwater suction is an experience that I would not want to miss anymore. And without getting cheesy now: Subnautica reminded me a little of how great games can actually be.

Will you feel the same when you dive into Subnautica? I dont know. You should have a certain weakness for survival, exploration and building. However, if you are afraid of loneliness or possible boredom, I would like to reassure you: In my opinion, Subnautica is simply too fascinating to become boring. The attention to detail is glaring, and it also confirms that good things simply take time: the game has been in Early Access since 2014, and was in development for a while before that.

But the best? It’s under the Play-at-Home program from Sony for free for PS4 / PS5 and can now be played by you immediately. The Offer is valid until April 23rd, so hurry up! For all other players: It was also made for PC, Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch.

Are you science fiction fans? Then have a look here:

Where is the criticism? I’m not a fan of criticizing just for the sake of criticism. In my very subjective eyes – and in many reviews of the game – Subnautica is almost perfect in its genre. But if you find survival mechanics such as foraging annoying, this could bother you especially at the beginning. And while this game is beautiful, next-gen realism graphics won’t await you. My advice to you: Just give it a try, after all, it’s free. If you’re lucky, Subnautica will take you on an unforgettable journey like me. Ahoy!