The Fury Warrior's state in beta

Wowhead class expert Archimtiros took a look at the Fury Warrior in the Beta of Shadowlands and shows you what the Fury Warrior can expect in Shadowlands. If you liked the Fury in BfA, you will also like it in Shadowlands. The way of playing hardly changes. Many small adjustments and, above all, the revision of the talents promise a fresh feel to the game, which sometimes feels a bit slower than in BfA.

Unpruning – these skills are returning

Over the years the warrior's abilities have been pruned. A few more or less useful skills wander back into your spellbook through the unpruning in Shadowlands.

Magic reflection
Crushing throw
to clench teeth
Shield blow
Shield block

Similar to many other classes, the Unpruning does not give the Fury Warrior any abilities that occur in the normal rotation. Shattering as a donor simply causes too little damage and does not trigger tantrums. So this attack is basically useless. Spell Reflection and Smash Throw are nice additions, especially for PvP.

The defensive returnees like shield blow, shield block or clench teeth are also more or less useless. They guarantee your survival in very rare situations, but you can't really refuel with a shield block. In addition, you need two two-handed weapons for most attacks, which also makes the switch to the shield questionable.

Spec skill and talent changes

tantrum: The haste and movement speed bonus has been reduced from 25 to 15 percent.
Thirst for blood: Healing reduced from 5 to 3 percent.
Romp: Cost reduced from 85 to 80 rage points.
Recklessness: Duration increased from 10 to 12 seconds.
Command call: Life point increase increased from 15 to 20 percent.
Purposeful furor is back.

The most serious change is the loss of tempo in tantrums, but this is not a big deal, since for many players the Furor way of playing was too fast or too "spammy" (pressing too many keys in a short time) anyway. The remaining changes are negligible.

Determined furor allows you to carry not only two two-handed weapons, but also two one-handed weapons. Then you get a bonus to eight percent more damage caused (as compensation for the weaker one-handed weapon) and your movement speed is increased by five percent. Your one-handed weapons strike faster, but the anger generation is normalized anyway and the difference in damage caused in contrast to two two-handed weapons is almost non-existent.

If you continue to use two two-handed weapons and don't want to get into the strange situation of finding an upgrade in the form of a one-handed weapon, but do not yet have another good one-handed weapon, you can specialize your loot on weapons and make sure that you only get two-handed weapons with certain bosses from the Loottable.

WoW Shadowlands: The State of the Fury Warrior in Beta (2)

WoW Shadowlands: The State of the Fury Warrior in Beta (2)

Source: Buffed

  • Endless anger, Inner anger, Furious slashing and slaughter have been removed, and some talents change their series (see picture above).
  • Fresh meat no longer increases healing, but blood thirst is guaranteed to trigger tantrums.
  • Upcoming victory now heals 30 percent instead of 20 percent health.
  • massacre Now also reduces the cooldown of executions by 1.5 seconds.
  • rage is no longer an attack, but triggers raging when it is active.
  • Rush is a new attack (usable only during tantrum).
  • Simmer increases anger generation through blood thirst.
  • Angry berserk now has a chance to regain anger after raving.
  • cruelty improves similar to Inner Anger Furious Blow.
  • Dragon roar has a slightly shorter cooldown and critical hits with this ability do three times the damage.
  • Daring: Recklessness generates 20 more anger and significantly increases Bloodlust and Raging Blow.

Many of the talents neglected in BfA have either been removed or improved. One of the best changes is the new version of Fresh Meat, which is guaranteed to trigger tantrums. In the 30, 40 and 45 series have become significantly more competitive. Those who choose the Venthyr Pact will resort to massacre most of the time, with frenzy in the single target arguably being the best talent. Anyone who, despite the "spammy" style of play of the Furor Warrior, has the feeling of having to press another button in the rotation can choose Rush. Really practical, but not, especially if you've also chosen Dragon Roar and Siege Breaker.

Legendarys for Fury warriors in Shadowlands

WoW Shadowlands: The State of the Fury Warrior in Beta (4)

WoW Shadowlands: The State of the Fury Warrior in Beta (4)

Source: Buffed

In Shadowlands, you don't actually get Legendarys in the actual sense, but rather provide specific armor slots with runes that have certain effects.

The effects of Cadence of Fujieda and Will of the Berserker look very good so far, but due to the short duration of the bonuses it will be difficult to maintain them permanently in some situations, not to say they will be quite useless in some fights.

Deathmaker and Reckless Defense: The cooldown reduction for Recklessness is not as strong as it looks at first glance, as the cooldown no longer ideally overlaps with other cooldowns such as Siege Breakers. The effect harmonizes perfectly with the reworked daring. Every now and then simply applying siege breakers to the target gives you the opportunity to decide between daring and aggression management.

Seismic reverberation Even in AoE situations, whirlwind is no longer the AoE ability that it once was, but is only the trigger for your powerful AoE attacks.

Signet of Tormented Kings has potential, but is not very reliable and therefore questionable. Assuming you're just about to use recklessness to throw a big romp and suddenly activate Bladestorm instead, that can be quite annoying. Instead of a mighty romp, you have a mini bladestorm, which, due to the non-wrought rage, is even cast without a tantrum effect and hardly causes any damage.

Misshapen Mirror can be of great benefit to your group in some situations. Spell Reflection partially bypasses mechanics and throws a lot of damage back on the enemy. Getting this effect for the group is very powerful. Archimtiros sees the effect as sometimes too strong and already assumes that the effect will experience a nerf. Perhaps some spells will simply ignore spell reflections so as not to get the runic effect out of hand.

Sea bond, media and pact skills

Pacts give you access to one of a total of three mini talent trees in which you can insert gemstones with special effects (media). In addition, the pact gives you a signature and a class ability.


Punish lets you use execution against opponents with more than 80 percent life points, which directly causes more anger at the start of the fight and is a nice damage boost in AoE situations. In combination with the medium Harrowing Punishment Betsrafen does even more damage in AoE situations. The defensive aspect is negligible, as you have a cooldown on executions in contrast to the weapon warrior. Should the signature ability also prove to be very useful, the Venthyr Pact is definitely very interesting for the Fury Warrior.

Shadow gate is touted as a groundbreaking ability for how useful it really is, but will probably only show itself on the live server when a metagame has developed, especially in Mythic-Plus. Purely as a movement ability you definitely don't need the ability, and there are other ways in which you can bypass trash groups (veiling fog, night fae ability, invisibility potions, witcher portals).


WoW Shadowlands: The State of the Fury Warrior in Beta (3)

WoW Shadowlands: The State of the Fury Warrior in Beta (3)

Source: Buffed

Bastion spear serves as an AoE but also single-target burst ability, which also builds up anger and acts like a vortex from a druid that pulls opponents back to a position. These are very good effects for both PvE and PvE.

Summon Provost does not look very promising at first glance, but one should not underestimate the effect of an additional health stone. While some pact skills are only good in certain situations, the Kyrians offer versatile skills that actually always fit. The additional effect of removing all magical effects and bleeding (apart from magic) is also a very good effect in PvE and PvP.

Night fae

Ancestral aftershocks works similar to the Kyrian spear: about 14 percent more damage with a 50 percent longer cooldown. If you use the effects on cooldown, you will do more damage with the spear. But you can generate significantly more anger with aftershocks of the ancestors – but sometimes too much: between 36 and 180 anger depending on the number of opponents. In contrast to the weapon warrior, you can use a lot of anger much faster and more effectively.

Soul shape Aside from Charge, Intervention and Heroic Leap, as a warrior you don't really need another skill that increases your movement speed. The invisibility effect, which is not yet included in the tooltip (a copy of the night elf class ability, so to speak) can be useful in certain situations, but in general Soul Shape disappoints the Fury Warrior.


Conqueror's banner If used correctly, a better battle frenzy for all melee fighters and also the life point-increasing effect is worth gold in some situations in group play. While it doesn't do you much good in solo play and in dungeons with magic classes, Banner of the Conqueror is theoretically really strong. For you personally, increasing the melee pace doesn't do much good, as you don't generate nearly as much anger about automatic attacks in contrast to the weapon spec. While the banner can be extremely powerful, most of the time it's more of a gimmick.

Meat shaping Used skillfully, it can prevent / counter-heal even more damage than the Kyrian ability. Because you can theoretically use the effect one more time in combat and thus reduce the damage of a powerful attack. However, the Fury has a good toolkit of defensive / healing abilities.

Which pact has the best media is loud Archimtiros Up to now hardly noticeable as these are still in the development process. Even if Blizzard tries to balance all of the soul bond talent trees and media, there will probably never be a perfect balance. Simulations on the live servers will answer the question about the best deal at a later date.

You may not have the toolkit of a villain or the supporting skills of a paladin, but the Fury Warrior still plays very fluently even after the nerf for tantrums and has some tricks up your sleeve, not only because of magic reflection, that you and your group in Shadowlands will help. The changes made so far enhance the style of play without changing it drastically.

Of course there are still some things that could be better. For example the baseline value of "Krit" or a few unused talents, better legendary / rune effects and it would be nice to keep some of the high tempo value from Battle for Azeroth.


  • Fast and fluid style of play without being complicated
  • Lots of new talent and defensive opportunities that make a strong toolkit overall
  • Several good pact skills


  • Some unbalanced and underutilized talent
  • Slightly slower style of play than in BfA
  • Slightly less self-healing than in BfA


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