One of the probably biggest highlights is already in spring with Cyberpunk from CD Projekt Red. A few weeks earlier there is the surprising return of Half-Life, if only as a VR game. All other shooter fans can have fun with Doom Eternal in March. The first months of the new year do not seem to be as packed as in 2019. Ubisoft has postponed its titles like Watch Dogs: Legion and Rainbow Six: Quarantine to the second half of the year, and we also expect many of the other hit candidates for 2020 presented on the following pages to be released in the second half of the year. Our preview definitely reveals a varied offer for the next twelve months. We wish you a lot of fun playing in the new year and hope that your hit expectations are fulfilled.

Cyberpunk 2077 – released on April 16, 2020

With The Witcher 3, the developers of CD Projekt Red have presented well. The expectations for Cyberpunk 2077 are therefore enormous. What has been seen from the role-playing game so far has already shown that this game can meet the high demands. In just a few months, we'll take on the role of V in the dark world based on the pen and paper roleplaying game Cyberpunk 2020, designed by Mike Pondsmith in 1988. A key element of the game will be the enormous playful freedom. It starts with the design of the protagonist, for example you don't miss a fixed class. Instead, there will be an open skills system, where you can also cheerfully combine skills from different backgrounds. Accordingly, missions can also be completed in a variety of ways, as the developers impressively demonstrated at E3 2019. Skilling your own character doesn't just affect your fighting skills. The background of the character and his ability values ​​play an equally important role in dialogues, because different conversation options open up. This is to achieve a significantly higher replay value than was the case with The Witcher 3, for example. Then it can be ache that the game world and the scope of the game as a whole will not be as big as with the sorcerer. For this, the Northern California megacity City offers a varied scenery from six districts, which are very different in terms of culture and the living standards of its residents. But no matter where you are in the city, it is important to the developers that you have a living world in front of you. This is how we encounter countless NPCs on the streets who go about their daily lives. We will only believe whether everything really works as shown when we have finally played the game ourselves. But hey, Keanu Reeves is in the game, so nothing can go wrong.

Doom Eternal – March 20 release

Actually, the next Doom with the suffix Eternal should have appeared by now. The original release date was in November 2019. But Pustekuchen, nothing came of it, the publication was postponed to March 20, 2020. The reason: The boys and girls from id Software need even more time to get the game done in a reasonable quality. Well, you should of course have the time when a better game comes out in the end. Crunch is a tedious, omnipresent topic in the video game industry and any decision that prevents a developer from crunching is therefore to be welcomed and absolutely okay. In addition, all pre-orders get a version of Doom 64 for free, that's not bad, is it? Technically, the new Doom should offer a lot, the developer's id7 engine promises nice graphics and the game material shown so far underlines these efforts. Presumably, the game should move graphically on the PC in a similar area to the 2016 Doom, i.e. the direct predecessor, perhaps with minor improvements to the details. The usual action-packed and fast-paced gameplay from Doom awaits you, which has been known since the classic, but was improved in the last part by melee finisher and other small modernizations through the game world and shreds countless demons. With the opponents you will meet old acquaintances as well as new monsters, the game world is of course also a new one. As a doom slayer you return to Earth, which has been overrun by demons. One can therefore assume that Doom Eternal does not fundamentally change anything in the familiar Doom formula. It doesn't have to be, because the offshoot from 2016 was well received by most fans. In an increasingly complicated real world, a rather dull, but action-packed and playfully fun virtual game world can be a welcome compensation.

Star Citizen release (possibly?) 2020

Star Citizen and its single player spin-off Squadron 42 have been in development at Cloud Imperium Games (CIG) for over eight years. While some fans are looking forward to an early release, others welcome longer development times with the prospect of getting the best possible gaming experience. In addition to dogfights in the Arena Commander, the still sparsely populated first-person shooter Star Marine and races in the Murray Cup, there is of course the test of the persistent universe, which later became the heart of Star Citizen. Since 2015, this has consisted of only one explorable system of 100 planned later, in which the developers present various techniques such as procedural cities and planets as well as dynamic quests for exploration. CIG has to be credited with the fact that they have been adhering to the roadmaps, i.e. the publicly accessible development plans, for some time. Two major patches have been announced by the second quarter of 2020. Among other things, they introduce additional landing zones on planets, quest givers, rest areas in space, and some reworked ships and weapons. The announcement of a prison planet with its own missions was surprising. From that point on, there will be bounties for players with a nervous trigger finger. The group game is also expanded with new functions, such as commands for and from the pilot and gunner. In addition, the revision of the combat system on foot and in space, the AI ​​and spawn rates of ships and NPCs, the shield systems, as well as the dynamic missions and much more has been announced. The single player title Squadron 42 was originally planned for November 2014. The beta test now starts several times in the third quarter of 2020. It is the first of three single-player campaigns with star casts such as Mark Hamill, Gary Oldman and Gillian Anderson as virtual characters. The spin-off has so far been created without public tests. If you follow the roadmaps of both titles, you can assume that they benefit technically from each other, because there are many parallels in the level of development of ships, NPCs, weapons and other elements.

Microsoft Flight Simulator – Release 2020

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Half-Life Alyx – March 2020 release

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