This year Microsoft has taken care of the X019 in London. The Game Pass gets a lot bigger and you can finally find out more about upcoming exclusive titles for Windows 10 and Xbox One.

Where should I start? There is so much to report! First of all we should start with the Xbox Game Pass. This one became expanded by 48 games! Among them are also top titles like The Outer Worlds, Forza Horizon 4 and Witcher 3. And if that were not enough, you get the Game Pass for three months now for only one Euro, instead of 38.99 Euro. On top of that, Microsoft even gives you access to EA Access for another month. And that goes for PC and Xbox players!

Xbox X019: New Release Dates

Oh yes, and then they did too shown a whole load of games. Some of them got a release date, others finally showed (more) game material. Here is a summary of all announced release dates:

What happens if you get an Xbox Game Pass?

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Xbox X019: New Announcements and Trailer

Also new titles for the PC and the Xbox were announced. So we get in Summer 2020 a new game by life-is-string developer Dontnod, which also builds on the story of a touching but tragic story. In Tell Me Why it's about the twins Alyson and Tyler, who are struggling with loss, memories and also transphobia in cold Alaska:

Also we got a new trailer for Obisidian's current project Grounded. In this cuddly co-op survival game of the Outer Worlds developers you will shrunk to tiny size and you must from then on unknown Dangers like bees, spiders and ants put:

Also the metal birds of the Flight Simulator slid across the screen in a majestic new trailer. Furthermore, game scenes finally turned off Age of Empires 4 shown to usher in the year of strategy. Also, the organizers showed trailers to the upcoming indie titles Drake Hollow, Last Stop and West of Dead. Also, some upcoming Xbox One ports have been announced:

Also became Halo: Reach added to the Masterchief Collection. At the 3rd of December the PC version of the associated prequel appears. By 2020, the Mario Kart series will eventually face competition when the Arcade Racer KartRider Drift for the Xbox appears:

Sea-of-Thieves developer Rare continues with his new game Ever Wild instead on a fantasy game in princess-mononoke style:

The game year 2020 will be big

Will Sony be able to keep up? Even before the start of the next generation of consoles Microsoft is launching several exclusive titles on the market, some of them promise to be very successful. Also, the PC players benefit from the console war, since most Xbox One titles appear simultaneously for Windows 10. When two people quarrel, the third person is happy.

Which games are you looking forward to the most? Write it in the comments!