Magic: The Gathering is anything but cheap. This also applies to the new set Modern Horizons 2, but fans with narrower wallets will benefit from the current release.

Magic the Gathering Arena

If you want to play Magic: The Gathering at a competitive level, you will not miss the coveted tournament formats such as Modern and Legacy Fetchlands around. No other card type is so efficient at guaranteeing the necessary mana color at the right time, which is why the Fetchlands must be included in almost every tournament-ready deck.

The cards were last included in Modern Masters 2017 four years ago, but demand has continued to grow since then. For Magic players, this leads to a dilemma: Either play an objectively weaker deck without Fetchlands or pay the enormously high prices for the cards.

Magic the Gathering Enemy Fetchlands
The so-called “Enemy Fetchlands” in Magic: The Gathering are not only in great demand but also extremely expensive.

Fetchlands: Get the most popular Magic cards at a budget price at last

The current set Modern Horizons 2 finally brings the coveted Fetchlands back, at least halfway. The five Enemy Fetchlands with the opposing color pairs red-white, white-black, green-blue, blue-red and chat-green have been much more sought after and also expensive than those for many years Ellied Fetchlands with neighboring color pairs. That’s why they’re now included in Modern Horizons 2.

The catch: Since Modern Horizons 2 is a premium set, the boosters are almost twice as expensive as those of a standard set. Nevertheless, not only collectors * but also players * with little money benefit from the new set.

Magic the Gathering Modern Horizons 2 Draft Display, 36 Booster (Deutsche Version)

Magic the Gathering Modern Horizons 2 Draft Display, 36 Booster (Deutsche Version)

Even if you can’t afford boosters for Modern Horizons 2 yourself the coming weeks will be the perfect time to buy or swap the coveted fetchlands at half price. While about the card Scalding Tarn Has been traded for 60 to 70 euros in recent years, the current price is only 30 to 35 euros.

Even when the Fetchlands were included in Modern Masters 2017, the price dropped for a few weeks. Nevertheless, it cannot be ruled out that prices will rise again by the end of the year. So if you are looking for the coveted Fetchlands, you can currently secure a bargain thanks to Modern Horizons 2.

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