With Classic-WoW, a term has also reappeared on the servers that we already saw relegated to the moth chest of MMORPG history: the level grind is back and it often hits modern players like a very slow and not particularly spectacular rear-end collision with subsequent clarification of guilt and insurance claims settlement. Sounds boring? It is. To explain, with the level or level grind we mean the assembly line slaughter of enemies within two to three levels around your level area. You do not interrupt your work for quests, dungeon visits or PvP battles. You kill enemies. Exclusively. For hours at a time. The only interruption allowed is selling bear butts, buying bigger bags and using the tavern and auction house. If you log in again the next day, you will continue your bone job exactly where you laid down your sword the day before. You do this day in and day out until you reach level sixty. Welcome to Classic-WoW, which you visit because you miss the good old days and where you fall asleep on your keyboard afterwards because the good old days were obviously boring.

Uff, that all sounds pretty bitter, doesn't it? It is therefore important to be crystal clear at this point: you do not have to grind! You can also work with quests as normal, pursue your jobs, fish and smell the flowers. We even expressly recommend that you take your time and only occasionally insert a small grinding unit between them, otherwise you will burn out faster than you can say "Onyxia take a deep breath". So why the abyss should one get involved in this terrible "step grind thing" when a visit to the dentist at war chief Rend Schwarzfaust would be more pleasant? Stay a while and listen, because there are actually good reasons to get involved in the step grind. Of course there are ways to make the whole thing a little more tasty.

How to keep your motivation going

Because magicians can do extreme damage, summon food, and teleport, they easily top the super grinders.

Because magicians can do extreme damage, summon food, and teleport, they easily top the super grinders.

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The most important point that speaks for an extensive grind is that you level up extremely quickly in this way. "Extremely fast" in Classic-WoW still means that you will spend a long, long time in front of the screen until you have completed the last step up the stairs. But if you use command / played to compare the required playing time up to level 60 between the level and the grind method, you can then pick up your jaw from the ground again: Hard-working grinders don't even take half as long as questers! This is mainly due to the fact that with a well-planned and smoothly running grind you get fewer experience points at once than with the quest method, but the XP rushes into your account in a steady flow. If quests sometimes require long distances to walk, you go round in a grind and kill everything that doesn't look like a player. The second, and at least as important, point in favor of grinding is that you make a lot of money along the way. The principle of constant dripping also applies here: You don't just collect sales waste if you have to deliver thirty pork snouts to the quest giver anyway, but every waking minute. This also means that with hard-working grindings and clever use of your professions you are sitting on a horse at level forty with absolutely no problems. And now comes the best: To grind properly, you obviously need a means of transportation and large bags. Since you will get both sooner or later during your Classic career anyway, you will practically build yourself an excellently equipped, mounted character with huge backpacks. For many players, the level grind is therefore a golden treadmill: the whole thing is monotonous and not exciting, but in the end you stand on a heap of gold that you have earned through consistency and discipline.

Those who have friends level up faster

In the open world, it is always a good idea to grind in pairs or in threes. Even if the experience points received are halved in this way, the higher killing speed is always worth the price. In addition, you don't even use a third of the food and potions that you would otherwise devour, you have no problems with large enemy camps and you can conquer more mobs for yourself in extremely busy areas; don't forget, in Classic WoW only the group that shoots the opponent first gets the experience points for the kill. And the loot, of course. If you want to quest during this time, both players receive the necessary quest items much faster.

Attention: If you actually want to level up as quickly as possible, you are still significantly faster on your own. However, the price for this is that the level speed will seem slower than two or three of you, since you cannot drive through groups of five alone like a chainsaw. That all sounds very logical, but there is still the matter of your own motivation and here it gets really personal: If you can’t absolutely relax while monotonously killing monsters, you shouldn’t grind, because after all you’re here to have fun. If you need a few tips, you should simply see the daily grind as meditation: switch off, let go of all worries about damage meters and obligations and start killing monsters. It's best to put on a soothing playlist and lean back in your chair. Relaxes your shoulders, loosens your neck and relaxes your mouse hand. Feels much better right now, doesn't it? It's best to set an alarm clock and get used to looking at the clock during your grind sessions. If you lose yourself a little in the day-to-day business of Classic-WoW, the grind quickly turns from a nightmarish second job into a meditative relaxation exercise. Our insider tip: We recommend running repetitions of "The Joy of Painting" with Bob Ross on a continuous loop in the background. There is nothing better to avoid frustration and put a smile on your face for hours. Did you prepare mentally? Well, now it's time to start preparing for the game.

Survive in the wild

Best see the grinding as a kind of survival training for your character, because ideally you spend very, very long periods of time in the wilderness, just unload your prey and disappear into the forest again. As a real wild west trapper, you are of course well prepared: buy the largest bags you can find. You can invest a lot of money here, because those who have large pockets grind more effectively and increase their gold yield per hour. Bags are the alpha and omega of a good grind. Second, you will instantly stop leveling your tailoring skill or selling the looted fabric, because you will need every single piece of cloth for bandages. In Classic-WoW, the first aid skill is extremely important to maintain a solid grind speed. In addition, a career as a highly competent hobby doctor will serve you well into Wrath of the Lich King. The third thing is to put on your cooking apron and start to improve your cooking skills after each grind session at the next fire. Even the most popular buff dish makes a massive difference in Classic WoW, extrapolated to your playing time. The calculation is simple: those who have more life points kill longer, and those who do more damage kill faster. When it comes to grind speed, it is also important that you keep your weapon as up to date as possible. The rest of your equipment can usually lag behind. After that, you walk briskly to the next furrier and learn the fine art of "producing even more loot": A lot of your finds will be wild animals, which you literally knock out a huge amount of additional gold from your ribs with the help of skinning can cut. If you see another player killing enemies and not skinning them, you can also use these leather sources. If you have the choice between wild animals and humanoids, you always choose humanoids, because they drop better prey and you don't have to bend down to moult for a second. Believe us, every little saving of time is balm for the nervous costume of a professional grinder.

The entry into the grinding lies in a gray area between level fifteen and thirty. If you want, you can ignore side quests right from the start.

The entry into the grinding lies in a gray area between level fifteen and thirty. If you want, you can ignore side quests right from the start.

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If your choice of class plays into the grind, we unfortunately have an uncomfortable truth for you: classes that do more damage also grind better. And by lengths. It is nice to play a Paladin in Classic-WoW, because in the open world it is very difficult to kill … However, your grind speed is glacier-like across all specializations. Warriors also have punitive damage problems during the level phase and must also worry about a lack of healing. Druids and shamans are quite safe due to their ability to heal, but in terms of speed, despite their forms of travel, they are more in the midfield. All other classes have abilities and idiosyncrasies that make them easy to grind, while hunters, priests and magicians are at the top of the list: they do more than enough damage, can protect themselves from incoming damage, jump from death, or a companion rush the enemy. In the case of the magician, three absolute knockout criteria play together: you can not only summon your own food, but also teleport and (with some experience) destroy large clusters of opponents using area magic. In the grind scene of Classic-WoW, this is such a massive advantage that the magician practically represents easy mode. It was not for nothing that it was a gnome magician who was the first in the world to climb the level sixty podium – for which he probably needed a stool.

Every beginning is … doable

You have no capital, no bags and you play a level 1 paladin? We already notice that you either like challenges or you have just started on a classic server. No problem, even freshly baked characters can start almost immediately with the entry into the wonderful world of grindings. However, we recommend that you take all tasks along the way with you until you are fifteen. Because within this level range, the quests bring you a good bunch of experience points. The optimal time to start the grind properly is somewhere between level fifteen and thirty; this is where the spirits differ. However, since many of you probably want to start grinding as early as possible, we start at level fifteen and from this point on we name all suitable areas for Horde and Alliance, as well as all contested areas. If you are playing on a PvP server, constant dungeon runs are probably more worthwhile, as you will attract every grief from Ironforge to Orgrimmar in the open world as a low-level player piñata. However, we recommend grinding in this case too, because if you are already playing on a PvP server, you should also savor it and not romp through the scarlet monastery from morning to evening.

Allianztretmühle: grab your blue towels

Levels 13 to 16: We start with comfort and go to Westfall, more precisely to Saldeans Farm. There you take the harvest golems with the name "harvest watchers" to your chest. The practical thing is that with the farm you have a place where you can quickly and effectively sell your loot and buy food. You can also retreat easily when your life points are nearing the end. In addition to tiger eyes and malachite, the crop watchers also drop a lot of handicraft materials for engineers – very practical, since the profession is very expensive to increase on the one hand and very well suited for solo players on the other. The next flight point is at the scout's tip and therefore just a stone's throw away.
Levels 16 to 19: Go to the dagger hills in Westfall and begin to decimate the Defias population there. The advantage of the humanoid defias is that they drop both food and tiger-eye gems. If you are really lucky, you will also get a pattern for a red canvas bag during your stay that can be sold well in the auction house. The next flight point is of course still at the scout's tip.

Levels 17 to 21: As you approach level twenty, lace up your hiking boots and run into the Red Ridge Mountains, to Alther's Mill. Now you can really feel like a non-civilized survivor, because in the mountains we mainly hunt spiders, vultures and pigs. The loot that you can look forward to with a bit of luck mainly includes shadow gems and spider silk. At the latest here you pull out your skinning knife and get to work, because the boars respawn very quickly. The next flight point is at Seenhain and therefore not far away.

Level 21 to 25: After the picturesque mountains, we now head into the twilight forest, where you set up camp at the "Silent Gardens" cemetery. It is teeming with skeleton magicians and skeleton warriors who don't drop anything special, but are abundant. You will get to know the twilight forest very well in the next stages. The area was of course chosen by us on purpose so that the paladins among you can fully exploit their strengths. The next flight point near "Silent Gardens" is a short walk away in Dunkelhain.

With the Rabenflucht cemetery, Allianz has an excellent place to grind. But beware of the newbie killer Mor’ladim!

With the Rabenflucht cemetery, Allianz has an excellent place to grind. But beware of the newbie killer Mor’ladim!

Source: Buffed

Level 23 to 27: It comes, as it must. Vanilla veterans get the ten thousand-mile view of a scarred fighter in this grind area: We go to the Rabenflucht cemetery in Gloamwood. There we adhere to the so resonantly named skeleton horrors and skeleton satan creatures, which are mainly in the west of Rabenflucht. Stay away from the center of the cemetery at all costs, because there is the elite opponent Mor'ladim, who already has more than one player on his conscience! The way to Dunkelhain is unfortunately quite long, but the low life points of the skeletons and the high spawn rate make Rabenflucht a good choice for you.

Level 26 to 30: Just move your camp in this step area to the northeast of Rabenflucht and there make the catacombs unsafe. The ghouls there are omnipresent and, at least, are 20 percent more likely to drop fishing lures – in case you want to relax a bit after your grinding. Be careful, as you won't be able to hold your legs under your arm in the narrow aisles if you pull too many undead. The flight point is in Dark Grove as usual.

Levels 27 to 31: If you can no longer see the undead, you can take the ogre harbour Vul'gol in the southeast of Rabenflucht as an alternative. The local ogres belong to the trunk of the splinter fists and can all be killed quite easily by you. Many of the opponents have names like "warrior" or "magician", but if you see an ogre with the simple name "ogre of splinter fists", strike quickly! The boys drop a two-hand hammer called "Eisenholzzweig", which you can only get here and which gets very good prices from the auction house. You already know your way around the flight point. Congratulations, you've reached the main grind track! For you it goes on in the more competitive areas.

The Horde treadmill: strap on the red sweatband

Levels 13 to 15: As a red rock you start your grinding odyssey, of course, in the wasteland. Make yourself comfortable here, because you will spend a long, long time here. Travel to Hill of Thorns, which is located in a mountain flank in the northeast of the zone, directly between the crossroads and Durotar. There you take the local thorn boar to your chest, which mainly drops a lot of milk and bananas – this is not spectacular, but makes the grind more bearable because you do not have to waste as much pocket space with the food you brought with you. Even if your backpack bursts at the seams, the crossroads and the associated flight station are right next to you.

Level 15 to 17: From the thorn hill you head south to the Northwatch Keep and there you begin to kill the human soldiers – in proper style in classic Kul'Tiran clothing. The soldiers of Theramore are very likely (high for Classic WoW) to wear shadow gems and small iridescent pearls, which you can sell very well in the auction house. Your murder victims also kindly serve you plenty of cheese and milk so that you don't have to carry as much. The crossroads and the associated flight station are a short walk to the northwest of you.

Levels 18 to 21: To the west of Northwatch are the raptor grounds in which the blood horn raptors nest. In addition to the usual green objects, you can also find "sharp claws" that are used in blacksmithing and alchemy, among other things. Off to the auction house with it! Because you are of course a proud hunter of the Horde, you separate the raptors from your skin in the same breath and sell them on the open market. Important: The "Stubborn Plain Striders" share the spawn with the raptors. If you spot one of the birds, you kill it too, so that the raptors don't "die out". After all, the desert turkeys throw off their meat, which you use to improve your culinary skills. The flight master is still sitting in the crossroads.

Level 21 to 25: We are still in the wasteland, but we are now setting up camp on the southern Goldstrasse in, who would have thought, southern wasteland. Here you can indulge your dream of falling hermits for five levels, because the crossroads are moving away from your grind place. You will find a variety of wild animals here: in addition to boars and vultures, you can also kill thunder lizards and all of them lighten their skin. The subspecies "thunderhead" not only sheds a lot of meat, but is also one of the best ways to get the recipe for spicy Deviat Supreme: there are a lot of them in a small space, you can also skin and have one at the end of the day Lots of thunder tails with which you can level your culinary skills from level one hundred to one hundred and sixty. In the crossroads, the flight master suddenly wakes up because you are now changing the zone.

Level 25 to 28: Welcome to hell – if you follow our instructions you will come out of here alive. In our opinion, a thousand needles is also the most uncomfortable zone of Classic-WoW. Fortunately, it is also one of the nicest and most productive zones. Travel to the Split Hoof Cave directly in the northeast of the free wind post. There you will find Galak centaurs who, in addition to the usual stuff of humanoid enemies, also throw mutton chops, which you use to fire up your grind motor. Above all, keep an eye out for "Marauder the Galak", because in these guys' inventory a "Heavy Marauder Scimitar" is waiting to be looted (and maybe put into the auction house)! The item is blue, so grind quietly here until you are level twenty eight, it's worth it. The flight master sits in the free wind post just a stone's throw from the cave.

Levels 27 to 32: Pack your clothes and shake the horse's hair out of your shirt, you move on to the steep slope in a thousand needles. In this case, you will unfortunately have to make a small world tour towards the extreme west of the zone until you reach your destination. For this you can expect wind riders (in English "Wyvern") who not only respawn quickly, but also throw off both sharp claws and large fangs – both are craft materials that you can sell excellently in the auction house. Pull out your knife and diligently grapple down the precious leather of all slain animals and your way to level thirty-two will be very worthwhile. Then make the arduous journey back to the free wind post and give the flight master a high-five: you can finally cut off a thousand needles and enter your main grinding phase.

Allianz and Horde: Not a sprint, but a marathon

Level 32 to 35: Both Horde and Allianz make their way to Nesingwary's camp in the Stranglethorn Valley, just south of the pass to Gloamwood. Here you can use the lush fauna of the jungle and especially the tigers and panthers. Because they not only throw off the craft materials Large Fang and Treacherous Claw. If you kill a Shadowpaw Panther, it is most likely to carry the "Recipe: Mighty Troll Blood Potion" with you from all Zone NPCs. The next flight master for the Horde is in the Grom'gol base camp, while the Alliance unfortunately has to jog the way back to Dunkelhain.

The region, affectionately called "Depressolace", looks like a parking lot strewn with rubble, but it is a good place to grind.

The region, affectionately called "Depressolace", looks like a parking lot strewn with rubble, but it is a good place to grind.

Source: Buffed

Level 35 to 37: Next you hike to Desolace, where you make yourself comfortable in the village of the Magram Centaurs, which is on the map in the southeast, right next to Mannorocs Koven. Here you plow through the more than abundant horse types and maintain your health with the boar legs, which fall here quite often. Practical: Almost every centaur carries scrolls with a more than one percent chance that will increase your values ​​for half an hour. The next flight point is for Allianz in the Nijelspitze in the north and for the Horde in the village Shadowprey in the west.

A kingdom for a horse
Tapping your own mount directly at level 40 is extremely important. It is better to save on skills than to stand without a horse afterwards. For example, as a warrior, you don't have to take every level of thunderclap with you in order to level effectively.
Level 37 to 41: Oh joy, level forty is approaching! Therefore, travel to the wasteland and pitch your tent in the dust bowl, which is located east of Kargath, right in the middle of the zone. Your goal is the small rock elementals, which throw off a lot of worthwhile prey with robust stones, deep rock salt and above all elemental earth. Don't forget to take enough food with you, because this time the elementals don't have a snack in their pockets. The next flight point for the Horde is in Kargath, while the alliance is flying in Thelsamar in Loch Modan. Important: If you have the small change, you must now buy your mount.

Level 41 to 45: Congratulations on your new horse! You stay in the wasteland and ride in the southwest of the zone to the Dustbelcher Grotto. Here you hunker down in Camp Kagg, where you beat up a lot of ogres and large rock elementals. The ogres throw food and potions as usual, while the elementals provide you with valuable craft materials. Aimed above all at the Ogermagier der Staubspeier, because with a small chance they carry the recipe "Plans: Mithrilschildstachel" with them, which at the auction house achieves really crisp prices. The flight masters are based in Kargath (Horde) and Thelsamar (Allianz).

Level 45 to 48: It goes off to Tanaris and into the mast and sheet pen bay, which is located directly east of the caves of time. There you plunge into the South Sea freebooters, who throw off not only cheese and rum, but also pirate lock boxes. They can contain card fragments, captain's keys and, above all, "host's third leg", an excellent one-handed mace. Both factions fly out of Gadgetzan, which conveniently also contains a neutral auction house.

Behind the Caverns of Time in Tanaris is the mast and sheet pen bay, where you can grab the coveted pirate lock boxes.

Behind the Caverns of Time in Tanaris is the mast and sheet pen bay, where you can grab the coveted pirate lock boxes.

Source: Buffed

Levels 48 to 52: We stay in Tanaris and gallop to the ruins of the South Moon, where we beat the ogres of the dune breakers with rowing arms. The smoked ham steaks present everywhere keep you in good health. Your number one goal is the Dune Breaker Warlock, because they may carry the "Short Sword of Vengeance" that can only be obtained here and deals Holy damage when attacked. Our flight point of choice is still in Gadgetzan.

Alliance and Horde: The home stretch

Level 50 to 55: The moment you cross the magical level fifty you can relax: Your goal is already in sight. To relax even further, travel to beautiful Azshara and kill Naga on the beach, which is located directly between the ruins of Eldrath and the Bay of Storms. Rivets everything you can find here to Naga, because the contortionists not only carry edible fish and potions, but also rough quantities of shells. They can contain four different types of pearls, all of which can then easily be sold in the auction house. With Valormok for the Horde and Talrendis for Allianz, the flight points are practically right next to the beach. Spend the next three to five steps here: the landscape is pretty and the grind is worthwhile.

Level 55 to 57: A lot of grinders swear by Andorhal and the paladins among you are welcome to try them out. But we are of the opinion that in Classic-WoW there is also something like a too fast enemy respawn. Instead, go to Winterspring and there to the village of Winterfelle, which is located just east of Everlook. The furbolg there supply you with rune material, potions and their fire water. The same represents a rock solid battle elixir, which also lets you grow a little. The Furbolgs also carry fried bananas for some reason. The flight master sits in Everlook, right next to the village.

The final sprint towards level sixty is best done in Winterspring. There is also a neutral auction house there. Very convenient!

The final sprint towards level sixty is best done in Winterspring. There is also a neutral auction house there. Very convenient!

Source: Buffed

Level 57 to 60: Almost there! Relocate your Winterspring camp to the north of Everlook, near the hidden grove. On the map, the grove is the small U-shaped valley in the far northeast. Here you pull out your weapons and grind the local owl beasts. The boys not only carry giant eggs and treacherous claws with them, but also roasted quails that keep you full for the duration of the grind. The best prey, however, are the iron feathers needed for the iron feather set made by furriers – one hundred and twenty for each piece of equipment. Put the things in piles of thirty feathers in the auction house. This way your customer can easily purchase the required amount. The flight master is still in Everlook. Put on your sunglasses and give the guy a high five when you reach level sixty. Congratulations! Buy your epic horse and open a bottle of champagne!

Combat meditation for ambitious players

The grind is an essential part of Classic-WoW and frankly, we don't want to do without the whole thing: earning your living as a little adventure every day gives the impression that you actually live in Azeroth. After a few hours tired but much richer to wobble into the inn and log out, you get the impression that you worked for your coal. Those who engage in the flow of the grind also avoid the dreaded burnout: level up your weapon skills, put on "Eye of the Tiger" and see the whole thing as combat meditation, as a training unit that rewards your discipline and dedication. Train hard, eat healthy and sharpen your swords. See you in Winterspring!

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