Opinions have been divided on the group search in WoW for years. Some demonize them as players are often reduced to a few numbers. Others, on the other hand, are happy that they can connect quickly and easily, and probably everyone is annoyed by the tons of boosting offers. Every now and then, the group search elicits a smile from us. Especially when the individual groups self-deprecatingly or with a pinch of humor looking for fellow players. Or when two people look for each other but can't find one. The guys at Icy-Veins came up with some funny and quirky group descriptions that might not only make us smile.

Funny finds in the WoW group search tool

Often one finds in the group descriptions explicitly the search for "No Leaver" – ie players who do not leave the group prematurely. It's actually sad that you have to write something like that and that there are still players who selfishly leave the group immediately if things don't go as they imagine. Therefore, the following group is simply looking for the exact opposite. Leavers are sought who are also rude and like to leave the group out of anger. In addition, you need three tanks, three healers and only one DpS and you absolutely want to miss the time limit.

Or you simply decide that four players should report now, who should pull you through a 15 dungeon in the tank spec as a damage distributor. Experience at this level is of course a nuisance – but InTime has to be. In view of the sometimes strange group descriptions, we are not one hundred percent sure here, but assume that it is meant ironically.

Or you are patronizing and pull other players through the dungeon. But of course only young women with cute and pleasant voices. The latter must be proven by being present in the Discord. There the group creator should then be cheered to bring moral support.

The two groups here are not bad either. Three damage dealers have been looking for a tank and healer for some time, while a tank and healer have been looking for three damage dealers for some time. Both of course for exactly the same dungeon at the same level. If only as a registered group you could only see other groups.

And who hasn't already signed up for a group where they actually knew beforehand that they would not be accepted. So if you know deep down in your heart that you don't want you, then you'd better not get in touch here.

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