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Obviously, the developers at Blizzard are still not satisfied with the balancing of the various dungeons of WoW Shadowlands. Therefore, they hand out another round of nerfs for the Bloody Depths, which most players consider to be the heaviest instance of the Shadowlands.

The tastes of WoW players are different and so everyone has their likes and dislikes regarding the eight dungeons in Shadowlands. Most of them agree that the Bloody Depths is at least one of the hardest, if not the hardest dungeon in the Shadowlands. The developers obviously see it the same way and are therefore donating more nerfs to the instance in the north of Revenddreh for the upcoming ID reset.

In addition to various trash packs, the final boss, General Kaal, is massively weakened. In weeks, with the affix tyrannical, this had regularly caused the healers in particular to sweat with fear on their foreheads. That should now be the end of it.

The following adjustments will be made for the upcoming ID reset in the night of Wednesday, April 21:

  • The Bloody Depths
  • Peaks of climb
    • Devos
      • Fixed a bug where the thrown spear had no effect even though it should have hit visually.
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