The Heist League and Patch 3.12 are now live!

Update: Robbery Time – Heist is live! The new Path of Exile League is now available for PC players. Console gamers will have to wait until September 23rd. At the start of the league, we present you with links to a few useful articles about the new update:

We wish you a lot of success, a lot of fun and of course great loot!

Original: Heist stories – who doesn't like them? Build a diverse team, pick locks, trick guards and slaughter everything in a fireworks display. Wait, what was that in the end? This is how it will probably work in the new Path of Exile league. Update 3.12.0 was revealed, which brings us the Heist League. In it we travel to the port of the renegade, drum up criminal specialists to plan the big coup. The league starts on September 18th for PC players and on September 23rd for Konsoleros.

Path of Exile: become a bank robber in the new Heist league!

Recruit your team in Path of Exile: Heist

Get the support of 13 master thieves who can then, for example, build bridges, break in gates or crack safe doors. You can equip these NPCs with special items that give them better values, increased XP gain or reduced recruitment costs. Because similar to players you will level these experts.



Source: GGG

So you plan the robbery in the Liga Heist

Before you start blindly, you collect floor plans (blueprints) in Wraeclast that show you which rooms there are in the sprawling buildings and which methods you need to reach them. You pay for such specialists with the help of looted coins called "Signum of the Apostates". Do you need a lock picker? A welding machine? Or even a bridge? You can only steal as many treasures as possible with good planning. For example, new items called thief trinkets, which, similar to map modifiers in the atlas, can influence the drops. In this way, for example, increases the chance of more scarabs or exalted spheres.



Source: GGG

Beware of the alarm!

Depending on how many rooms you loot, your alarm level increases. If it is too high, guards flock to you and want you to the leather – the building will be cordoned off. Then take your legs in hand and fly to the extraction point, because if you cannot escape successfully, you will lose all of the prey. Your own greed will define the level of difficulty!



Source: .GGG

Alternative gems and replicas as loot

With your robbery you will also with luck bag replicas of well-known unique pieces of equipment, which can differ greatly from the original, with special values ​​or bonuses. All gems from Path of Exile (buy now ) can also drop with alternative quality, which increase the effectiveness of the gem or even "can completely redefine the functionality of builds."

More information on new equipment, skills and support packs can be found on the official website of Path of Exile.

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