On the night from Sunday to Monday, the PC Gaming Show took place again as part of E3 2021. More than 40 games were shown during the broadcast. We have listed the highlights of the show for you.

Among other things, fans of Dying Light 2 could look forward to new scenes from the title. In an interview with the Techland development team, the story of the sequel was also in focus. Dying Light 2 will be available in stores on December 7th for PC, PlayStation and Xbox.

Another highlight was the announcement of Orcs Must Die 3 for PC and console. The game was previously available exclusively for Google Stadia and is now finding its way to other platforms one year after its release. Orcs Must 3 will be released on July 23 for PC, PlayStation and Xbox.

Another surprise was Gabe Newell’s appearance at the PC Gaming Show. However, the Valve boss did not have any overly spectacular announcements in his luggage. Instead, Newell unveiled the upcoming Steam Next Fest, which will begin June 16 at 7 p.m. Hundreds of demos of different games will be available for a few days. The rumors about the supposed Steam Pal were not discussed.

Dodgeball Academia is also one of the novelties of the broadcast. The sports role-playing game tells the story of Otto who wants to become the ultimate dodgeball player. There are various main missions, side quests, mini-games and more to complete on his journey. With accumulated experience points he can improve himself and his fellow players. Dodgeball Academia will be available for PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch in 2021.

You can find more highlights of this year’s PC Gaming Show on the YouTube-Kanal.

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