The history of bugs in the Vanilla-WoW raids

of Karsten Scholz
An interesting WoW special has recently appeared on the Method website, in which two players from the Progress Guild Drama and Death & Taxes remember the Progress period in Vanilla WoW. The focus is on the bugs that have noticeably influenced some boss fights in the raids. We have summarized the most important findings from "Vanilla World Firsts: The History of Bugs" here.

Who are they Top 10 toughest bosses in World of Warcraft history look, there are some names from the vanilla era. The Top 3 alone consists of Ragnaros (74 days after defeating Majordomus defeated, 3rd place), C'thun (86 days after defeating the twin imperators, 2nd place) and Ouro (87 days after defeating the Twin imperators, place 1). There are also Chromaggus (4th place) and the four riders from Naxxramas (7th place).

However, this high ranking of the vanilla bosses does not mean that we are facing the most difficult challenges in WoW history (buy now for € 23.95) have to do. In fact, in many cases it was more a matter of bugs than tricky mechanics that the bosses didn't want to fall for months. And this is exactly what a WoW special with the title "Vanilla World Firsts: A History of Bugs", which recently went online on the Method website. In this article, two players from the Progress Guild Drama and Death & Taxes look back at the Progress period in Vanilla-WoW. Below we have summarized the most important findings for you.

  • Vanilla-WoW has been plagued by a variety of bugs. One of the reasons for this was that the developers played content on the live servers too quickly. When the Blackwing Lair was opened, the Devs are said to have screwed on the later boss fights. According to the special, the developers should have hoped that the second business manager Vaelastrasz that will hold up the raids for a while. However, the dragon fell on launch day, which is why the developers are said to have locked the gate to stop the communities. Unfortunately, the gate was bowing to a guild: while all other Progress guilds were standing and waiting in front of the gate, the Fury players were already able to go to the brood guard, which is where they bagged the first kill.
  • After the introduction of World boss Azuregos Most guilds used a zerg tactic near their graveyard. This tactic was so widespread that Blizzard finally implemented a 15-minute debuff for the fight against the world boss that lasted beyond death and could turn those affected into a block of ice for a long time. The players quickly found an alternative solution: log out, log in, the debuff was gone.
  • When the first kills of Ragnaros could be achieved, some players used this in combat Ornate hand-held telescope, The reason: if you used the effect, you were rooted to the ground, which allowed you to counter the setback of Ragnaros. Melee and tanks in particular used it.
  • at Firemaw the guild Death & Taxes used a kite tactic to get their first world first kill. They came up with the idea when, after numerous wipes, players headed for the raid exit in another hopeless fight to avoid unnecessary repair and consumable costs. However, some players entered the raid a little too early, which made them realize that you could keep a fire swing like this. The new strategy was to use the two levels of the trap room to fire wings through the area, while the non-aggro holders used ranged attacks to attack the kite from a safe distance. The plan worked, the dragon fell to the ground defeated. The guild later wanted to try the same strategy at Chromaggus. It did not work.
  • The Progress Guilds then came up with a different strategy for Nefarian's lap dog: they fueled Chromaggus at the ramp and in such a way that the ranged fighters could shoot at the boss without having to worry about breathing. Blizzard did not like that, however, so a game master called in, who gave the guilds a clear instruction: They can only continue with Chromaggus if they stick to the normal strategy, in which you always run from the boss's perspective ,
  • The guild drama that at Nefarian bagged the World First Kill, wiggled his butt at the end boss of BWL for about two and a half months. One reason for the many wipes: Players were farted in columns all the time, only to then fall through the floor into virtual death. The guild returned the favor by taking advantage of another bug: You could summon dead characters who had run back into the hoard to the balcony during the fight. So they bypassed the actually locked gate. It was worth it to run in again because the fight back then took half an hour.
  • viscidus is considered one of the hardest bosses of the vanilla era in its original version. So hard that Death & Taxes could only knock the boss out long after the previous bosses fell (on March 5, 2006, the Emperors first fell on January 29). So hard that it should take a long time for other guilds to repeat the feat. And D&T itself avoided the boss after the first kill until Blizzard finally played a nerf. D&T was able to lay the boss only because they put a lot of effort into it beforehand: they packed six to eight magicians due to their frost spells, priests and warlocks had to get wands with frost damage and melee fighters used the bank Kaltwutdolch, Twink druids were also brought along, as it took at least seven to eight to cope with the poison. Without all of these things, the fight was a real nightmare. In order to cause the highest possible AoE damage to the mucus, numerous engineers and their explosive equipment were important. A nice side effect: When the grenades went up in the air, WoW lay so much that the slimes were also affected and they refreshed the boss's life points less.
  • C'thun and Ouro were so hard balanced at the beginning that the guilds ran against the two bosses for months without a chance. Hotfixes from Blizzard finally followed, turning the insurmountable walls into fruit trees for which no tricky strategies were necessary. The American guilds are still annoyed that the hotfix went online a few hours ahead on the EU servers. By the time the US guilds entered the raid after implementation, Nihilum had already snapped up C'thun's World First Kill.
  • Also in Naxxramas there were bugs. The regular server crashes during the "Heigan dance" were annoying. Death & Taxes had the bad luck that boss Boss Kel'Thuzad didn't want to reset for a week after a wipe.

One can only say: It's good that certain things from Vanilla-WoW did not make it onto the Classic server …

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