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With today's hotfix on October 27th for Final Fantasy 14, some changes to the Bozja southern front have been brought into play and other problems have been fixed. You can find out what was changed here.

Today became a Hotfix on the servers of Final Fantasy 14, with which the developers some of the biggest problems of the Bozja south front targeted. For example, the castrum login time has been increased from one minute to six, which should make it easier to complete Critical Battles before the login time runs out. This is a big step towards making the registration phase for the castrum less chaotic. In a forum post However, Square Enix only described these changes as an "intermediate step", suggesting further revisions. In addition, some graphic effects have been added to the Critical Battle "Peeriefool, the rotten vegetables" to make the skills more easily recognizable for color blind people.

But that's not all, because with today's hotfix a few more bugs in the game have been fixed. So the Critical Battle "The Flaming Hundred" at the Bozja south front now work as planned and also Bozja earrings now show the correct routine bonus of 10 percent instead of 30 percent. In addition, it should no longer happen that no NPCs are displayed in the cutscenes of the "New Game +" mode. The complete list of all fixed bugs can be found here:

  • Under certain conditions in the MODE: NEW GAME + no NPCs were displayed in the cutscene of "Across the Sunstone's Threshold".
  • On the Bozja Southern Front, monsters attacked players on their way to their territory after getting too far away.
  • In the Bozja southern front, some of the mechanics of the critical battle "The Flaming Hundred" did not work as planned.
  • In the Bozja southern front, special commands could be lost in rare cases if you were incapable of fighting while using it.
  • The effect of the Bozja earring "The item level and the properties of the earring are adapted to the current class and level of the character." was not active.
  • The description of the Bozja earring was incorrectly "Grants a routine bonus of 30% up to level 80." * The correct description should be: "Grants a routine bonus of 10% up to level 80." The effect "Grants a routine bonus of 10% up to level 80." was already activated with the HotFix on Oct. 15, 2020.
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