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Microsoft and developer Asobo have released the third episode of the Feature Discovery Series video series on Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. It's all about the improvements in aerodynamics and the physics system. CEO Sebastian Wloch from Asobo Studios explains how to improve the physics engine, the aerodynamics simulation and other components of the engine.

It continues with the features series to Flight Simulator (Buy now for 22.59 €) 2020. While episodes 1 (game world) and 2 (weather effects) have already been released, episode 3 is about aerodynamics. On 28.11. then follows the episode to the cockpit. As early as June, Microsoft confirmed that it uses Bing satellite data and Microsoft's in-house cloud AI "Azure AI" to design the earth-encompassing game world.

Flight Simulator: greed for data

In total, two petabytes of data should flow into the reconstruction of the earth. Bing Maps provides this absurdly high amount of data (aerial photos, elevation data and 3D scans of some cities), including all the cities of the world (about two million), all airports (over 45,000), all roads and mountains in the world. That's basically not just the entire world, it would also be the real world, says Lead Engine Programmer Lionel Fuentes of Asobo Studios. For this reason, also the famous visual flight rules (VFR = Visual Flight Rules), ie the flight according to valid visual flight rules (and not only for instruments), is possible everywhere in the game world. Therefore, Fuentes also encourages the upcoming Flight Sim players to fly over their own home.

The Microsoft Flight Simulator wanted to simulate more than just flying. A rainbow is not just some element that is planted in the game world, but something that pilots can actually hunt.

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