As many of you have probably noticed, Steam was recently unavailable for a short period of time. The unofficial Steam status page stated at the time that the shop and community pages were having problems.

Not only Steam was affected, but also the PlayStation Network, the Microsoft Store, and also the Epic Games Store had some issues however, was still reachable. These failures also happened outside of the gaming area. For example was the page of the BILD newspaper and the DHL website offline. Many banking sites around the world were also affected, for example in Canada and Belgium. According to the Live map from Pingdom a total of over 31,000 websites worldwide were offline, including The darkest hour of mankind had struck.

The whole thing can be traced back to a problem with Akamai’s Edge DNS service like the Company writes on their website. Akamai has since fixed the problem and services like Steam are either back online or on the way there. Akamai wants to continue monitoring the situation and ensure that no further outages occur. Akamai has now also confirmed that the outages were not caused by a cyber attack.

At the moment the crisis seems to be over and players worldwide can browse the Steam shop page again to buy new games which they will never play.

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