The Jailer and his Maw debuffs

from Sara Petzold
When you enter the Maw in WoW Shadowlands, the endgame zone of the upcoming WoW expansion, the jailer will watch you – and depending on the threat level, you will make a kind of debuff. We explain to you how this threat system works in detail.

Blizzard has already experimented with different variants of threat levels in Battle for Azeroth and also brings a corresponding feature into play in Shadowlands: namely, when you enter the Maw, the new endgame zone of Shadowlands, watch the eye of the Jailers and get Eye of the Jailer. The longer you stay in the Maw, the higher your threat level rises – and you have to cope with five tiers of debuffs.

You take damage until you leave the Maw or die

Wowhead has compiled a list of these debuffs that we do not want to keep from you:

  • Tier 1: Eye of the Jailer: Soul BeaconSoulseekers are hostile to you. These are basically neutral mobs that populate the maw. You have skills like Decaying blast.
  • Tier 2: Eye of the Jailer: Soul Surge – Towers will occasionally attack your position, do serious damage to you when hit, and chain you in place for a few seconds.
  • Tier 3: Eye of the Jailer: Hunted – The jailer will occasionally attack you. The next time you enter a fight, an assassin will appear and try to kill you.
  • Tier 4: Eye of the Jailer: Kill Order – The Jailer will occasionally send elite assassins to you. They appear just like the normal assassins, but these are elite mobs.
  • Tier 5: Eye of the Jailer: Immediate Extermination – You take increasing damage and are slowed down until you leave the Maw or die. Damage taken is currently increasing by three percent every three seconds, just as your movement speed is decreasing by three percent every three seconds.

The Maw will not automatically throw you out of the zone when you die. However, if you die, you will lose half of your Stygia – the currency you can redeem at Ve'nari for benefits in Torghast.

By the way, your threat level in the Maw increases over time, even if you just stand around in the Maw and do nothing. The threat animal in Alpha currently rises by one level every hour if it is not engaged in any activity. Completing world quests in the Maw, killing rare enemies and opening treasure chests accelerates the increase in threat levels. Once you have reached a certain threat level, it is not enough to leave the Maw to reset it. Instead, the threat level is reset daily, which is done automatically.

What do you think of this system? Write us your opinion in the comments!

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