Khorne, also known as the blood god, is the chaos god of blood, war and murder. His army, which goes into battle with unbelievable intensity, is correspondingly brutal and ruthless. You can see some of the units in action in this video. In the ranks of the faction of Khorne, giant demons compete on the battlefield, who, thanks to their inhuman strength and their no less dangerous blades, sweep their opponents aside like annoying flies. This giant cannot be dealt with with normal foot soldiers. However, they are sometimes a bit slow and not particularly nimble.

Much more maneuverable are four-legged units, which in their basic features are reminiscent of a kind of fire tiger. Fast and deadly, these creatures love to attack in packs. There are also mounted units in the Khorne Army, which are ideal for making quick advances or targeted attacks on the flank of enemy troops. In addition, there is huge artillery, with the help of which you can rake the enemies from a safe distance and with large projectiles. As if that weren’t enough, there’s the dreaded hand-to-hand fighter, Skarbrand, who has a number of unique abilities.

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