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In Lord of the Rings: Online, fans of Tolkien's legendary fantasy world can visit many places and buildings in Middle-earth. All architects seem to outdo each other. A Youtuber has now published the ultimate size comparison.

Tolkien's world of Middle-earth is full of gigantic statues, fortresses and buildings, which we in the MMORPG The Lord of the Rings: may inspect online yourself. The developers have taken great pains to authentically bring the imposing structures across. The Youtuber MiniExpBounder appreciates the work of the responsible designers and compares the largest ones: legendary sights such as Gondor's magnificent city Minas Tirith, the terrible tower Saurons Barad-Dûr or the Argonath (the statues depicting the companions with their boats happened). Enjoy watching the video, which MiniExpBounder also backed up with a suitable Lord of the Rings soundtrack:

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Highly detailed buildings in LOTRO

While the video initially established proportions with the help of a chicken and well-known character in the world, the dimensions explode quite quickly. For example, if you thought that the Argonath statues were large, you will quickly see fortresses that make them look like pawns. The details that can be found in the structures of the aging MMORPG are also impressive. Because MiniExpBounder not only lets the camera wander instead of small to large, but also explores the streets, corridors, walls and foundations so that the viewer does not forget how big something is.

Which building do you like the most? Did the size of a fortress or other structure surprise you? Write to us in the comments!

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