You own a PS4 Pro and don't have to worry about it? Well, we believe the first testers, even the PS4 Pro gasps so loudly at the game that you can barely hear the game tone. Oops?

The Last Of Us 2

Psst: The Last of Us 2 is being tested by some chosen souls. And of course you already knew that, after all the game will appear on June 19, everything should go as planned. First opinions were also allowed to be shared about the game – and they prove without a doubt that The Last Of Us 2 actually so is brutal, as the trailers had previously indicated.

So far it was not known how brutal Naughty Dogs Blockbuster should be to your PS4. Several testers have said the game is pushing the console to its limits – and it wheeze so loud let them have to turn up the pitch. That … doesn't sound good?

"I have a first model of the PS4 Pro. The ventilation is clean. While I'm playing The Last of Us 2, the ventilation is louder than my air conditioner. It was so loud that I had to raise the tone. "

There were no reports of crashes yet, but our colleagues from The standard confirmed the loud fan when playing The Last of Us 2. Incidentally, the problem exists also on the normal PS4if you asked yourself that.

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By the way: if The Last of Us 2 of the PS4 takes your breath away, what about Cyberpunk 2077? The console then jumps in a triangle and buzzes Time To Say Goodbye? Let's just hope that it's just a bug or bug that Naughty Dog can patch out of the game before or shortly after release.