The Last of Us 2: Video compares game world with real Seattle – the PS4 masterpiece is so detailed – game-relevant

from David Martin
In The Last of Us 2, you roam the streets of Seattle: you not only explore the legacies of a long-gone civilization, but also rampant parks and secret ruins of the city. A new video shows how much effort the developers at Naughty Dog put into implementing Seattle in the current action adventure for PS4. A clip published on YouTube compares the real places in Seattle with their replicas in the game. If you need help with adventure, you will find it in our The Last of Us 2 complete solution. We have plenty of tips in the guide.

The Last of Us 2 is one of the most graphically impressive games for PS4. The following video impressively demonstrates how much effort the developers of Naughty Dog have put into implementing the game world: The clip published on YouTube compares footage from Seattle in-game with the real US metropolis. "The game world is so detailed, so organic, that you are even more drawn into the game than you already are through story and characters. The fact that the title mainly plays in this one city makes the story even more intimate, even more personal," write we in our Test of The Last of Us 2.

A real graphic splendor awaits you in the Action Adventure for PS4. In addition to the detailed city, it is also the character models, environmental details and weather effects that always cause astonishment. "Everything is super detailed, grandly designed and looks like one piece. Apart from a longer loading time at the start of the game, there are no more annoying loading bars", you continue reading in our review.

The Last of Us 2 (buy now for € 62.00) has been available exclusively on PlayStation 4 since June 19th. If you need help exploring Seattle, visit our The Last of Us 2 walkthrough found it. In the guide we have many tips on combat, weapons and training books. ten Tips for getting started with The Last of Us 2 can also be found in our trick section.

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