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The action adventure The Last of Us Part 2 is full of allusions to video games and films. If you did not notice these while playing, we present you a selection in the video.

The developers of the successful action adventure The Last of Us Part 2 have hidden some interesting and funny Easter Eggs in the game, of which we show you a selection in our video.

Attention! Spoilers follow here!

The Last of Us Part 2 (buy now for € 61.00) is a game full of small details that you might not even notice when you play through it for the first time. Or did you see that there is an old Playstation 3 with the game Jak and Daxter in Ellie's apartment? Uncharted 2 also appears to be included.

It is possible to find a ring in the vault of the collapsed bank in Seattle. This should seem familiar to fans of the Uncharted series. A safe can be opened with the combination 0451. This number was used in some games by Looking Glass and Ion Storm as a running gag. If you explore the music shop, a poster of the band Pearl Jam hangs on the wall. No wonder, the song "Future Days" of the musicians plays an important role in the plot of The Last of Us Part 2.

Ellie later kills a young guard who plays on a PSVita. She drops the handheld console, but if you look at her on the floor, you can see that the game Hotline Miami was played on it.

We present these and a few more Easter Eggs from The Last of Us Part 2 in our video. Perhaps you have discovered others? Then write in the comments what they are.

Discovering such little things is always something special. Easter Eggs break up games and are fun to find. The developers apparently also have a lot of fun installing this.

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