Goodbye PlayStation exclusivity? Sony has already proven in the recent past that your own console is not the only platform you have in your sights for your games. A discovery on Steam now gives fans new hope. Will there be games like The Last of Us and Co. for the PC soon?

The Last of Us

Discovery on Steam: PlayStation’s developer site has hidden content

Sony has become quite popular with PC gamers over the past few months. Finally, some PlayStation-exclusive games are now also available on the PC – including PS4 hits such as Detroit: Become Human or Horizon: Zero Dawn. Tomorrow the open-world game Days Gone will finally be released for the PC.

But what’s next? Is Sony planning to bring further series of games like The Last of Us or God of War to the PC? A look at the PlayStation Studios official Steam page gives hope to the players. There is from a total of 24 games and content the speech already available on Steam. If you change tabs, you will find that PlayStation Studios apparently already have 41 items listed on Steam – 17 more are apparently still hidden.

17 hidden Steam content: what else does Sony have up its sleeve?

This is exactly the question many PC gamers are asking themselves. Even if the release of previously PlayStation-exclusive AAA games is desirable, we have to take the wind out of the sails of the rumors at this point.

To classify: Only 3 of the 24 pieces of content that have already been published are complete games, the remaining 21 entries are additional content such as skins, weapons or gadgets for the games Predator: Hunting Grounds and Helldivers. So it is quite possible that the 17 hidden contents are also largely for more in-game content for the two games, which will be unlocked later.

It cannot be ruled out that some entries also hide complete games – but one should not expect Sony to store a whole cornucopia of console ports in Steam’s backstage area and just wait to release them one by one. We will keep you up to date on this.