With The Last of Us Naughty Dog, the creators of Crash bandicoot and Uncharted, at PS3 times a much darker topic: The post apocalypse and how the fight against fungal spores infected, zombie-like beings in a world in which everyone has to survive alone does not necessarily represent the greatest danger. With the extremely hard, depressive and masterly narrated adventure, the makers finally climbed into the Olympics.

who the Continued The Last of Us Part 2 wants to play for PS4, but has not yet experienced the debut, for which we are now summarizing the events from the game and the story DLC Left Behind together.

It should be obvious, but we still mention it: This article contains full SPOILERS on the history of the first part.

The Last of Us: A Look Back at the History of the Playstation Masterpiece (7)

The Last of Us: A Look Back at the History of the Playstation Masterpiece (7)

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It begins harmlessly: At a time when the world is still in order, we meet apparently single father Joel with his daughter Sarah in their home in Austin, Texas. The love between the two is obvious and the knowledge that this idyll can not last long is therefore all the more dramatic. In the first playable section, we are put in Sarah's shoes as the girl wanders around the house after a disturbing night call from her uncle Tommy. At the latest, an amount on the television that is running about an unspecified catastrophe makes it clear that something is wrong. When Sarah meets her father in the basement of the house, the extent of the disaster becomes apparent: an infected and furious neighbor attacks Joel and Sarah. Joel has no choice but to shoot him.

The two meet Tommy in front of the house and they decide to flee by car. Burning houses, desperate people and destruction line their way. And then: more and more infected. A crash later, in which Sarah injured her leg, the family found themselves on the streets overrun by the raging infected people. They run away with other survivors as the screams of monsters and dying people fill the night around them. When it appears as if they have escaped the epicenter, they suddenly face an overly nervous soldier. A terrible command from his superior via radio and shots from a machine gun later, we see a father holding a small, limp creature in his hands: Sarah is dead.

The Last of Us: A Look Back at the History of the Playstation Masterpiece (1)

The Last of Us: A Look Back at the History of the Playstation Masterpiece (1)

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Twenty years later, nothing is what it used to be. People now know that aggressive fungal spores are behind the end of civilization. At least 60 percent of the population was infected. The military now dominates the United States of America, the survivors have to live in closely guarded quarantine zones. Joel, visibly aged and mentally distraught, now lives in such a quarantine zone in Boston. He makes his way through as a smuggler, together with an acquaintance named Tess. They regularly leave the city to meet survivors from other areas for their business.

An incident in which an arms dealer named Robert tries to steal weapons from Joel and Tess ends fatally for the poor guy. In the new reality of the game world it says "dog eats dog". The stolen weapons are from a rebel organization called Fireflies. This has been fighting against oppression by the military for years and wants to lead the remaining civilization back to democracy. The meeting with the head of the Fireflies, Marlene, is less fatal than that with Robert. She offers a deal to Joel and Tess: If they agreed to smuggle something out of the city for them, they would not only get their weapons back, but also a large chunk of money.

Contraband with character

It quickly turns out that no weapons, no provisions and no other resources should be smuggled. Instead, Joel and Tess suddenly find themselves in the company of 14-year-old Ellie. It didn't fall on the lips and wasn't particularly enthusiastic about the whole arrangement, but nevertheless she agrees to go with them. Everything that can go wrong goes wrong early on. When checking for a possible fungal infection, Ellie flips out and stabs the soldier who checks her. Joel and Tess kill him and his colleague and find out why Ellie reacted so extremely: she is actually infected. However, the change to a brainless monster happens otherwise within days; the bite of an infected person who should have changed it, however, was several weeks ago. That's why Marlene wants to get Ellie out of town: she thinks that Ellie's antibodies could be the key to any antidote to the infection.

Arrived at the agreed delivery point for Ellie, the trio only finds brutally murdered members of the Fireflies. Joel wants to cancel the mission, but Tess reveals to him that it was bitten by an infected on the way here; it too will change soon. She begs Joel to take Ellie to his brother Tommy. He once worked with Marlene and could make the appropriate contacts to other Fireflies. Joel promises Tess to fulfill her wish. While he and Ellie are fleeing, Tess remains behind and sacrifices herself in the fight against charging soldiers.

The Last of Us: A Look Back at the History of the Playstation Masterpiece (5)

The Last of Us: A Look Back at the History of the Playstation Masterpiece (5)

Source: Sony

Joel is far from enthusiastic about his new company and reacts very gruffly to everything she does. However, they pull themselves together and get a car from a friend of Joel, Bill, for the onward journey. However, the motorized joy didn't last long: A group of survivors attacked Joel and Ellie, so they had to leave their mobile pedestal behind. In Pittsburg they meet the brothers Sam and Henry and they decide to travel on together. A friendship develops between Ellie and her age-old Sam, and Joel and Ellie also find more and more to each other.

But happiness is never long-lasting in the world of The Last of Us: Another attack by infected people injures Sam. He does not mention this fact, and when he attacks Ellie the next day as infected, Henry shoots him. Driven by deep despair, Henry then places the pistol on his own head. Deeply affected by these events, Ellie continues the journey with Joel.

You can choose family

Some time later we meet Joel and Ellie in Wyoming, the place where Tommy is supposed to be. Welded together by their dramatic journey, there is no trace of the original dislike between the two. It becomes clear that Ellie for Joel is the replacement for his daughter Sarah, whom he never saw growing up. You are now also discussing very personal issues, such as the stricken relationship between Joel and Tommy, which was never the same after Sarah's death.

In a kind of camp, the two finally meet Tommy and his wife Maria. After some disagreement and an attack by survivors on the camp, Tommy decides to help his brother and Ellie on their way to the Fireflies. Joel and Tommy decide that Ellie should travel with Tommy from now on. When Ellie gets wind of it, she reacts angrily and flees the camp. When Joel finds Ellie in an abandoned house in the forest, there is a big argument between the two. However, it ends up being conciliatory: Joel realizes that he cannot and does not want to leave Ellie alone. Tommy accepts this decision and returns to his life in the camp and to Maria.

The Last of Us: A Look Back at the History of the Playstation Masterpiece (6)

The Last of Us: A Look Back at the History of the Playstation Masterpiece (6)

Source: Sony

Joel and Ellie head to the University of East Colorado, where, according to Tommy, there is a Fireflies laboratory. However, this information turns out to be wrong because the university was left. An audio recording tells them that the laboratory is now in a hospital in Salt Lake City. The two can no longer do much with this information: survivors attack them, Joel falls several meters and is seriously injured. They escape with the last strength before Joel collapses completely weakened.

A little bit later it is winter and suddenly we no longer control Joel, but Ellie. She hunts alone in a snowy forest landscape when two men named James and David show up and offer to trade supplies with her. Ellie is skeptical, but when infected, she decides to fight with her new acquaintances. In addition, she is in urgent need of antibiotics owned by James. However, it quickly turns out that Ellie's caution was advisable: the attackers at the university came from a group headed by David. Still, David lets Ellie go.

After a phase of uncertainty, there is now a reassuring certainty: Joel is still alive. Ellie treats Joel with the medication. The next morning David appears with his followers. The group had obviously followed Ellie, who was fleeing. Ellie is captured and makes a terrible discovery: David and his people are cannibals. The good leader does not necessarily make himself more likeable than he makes clear advances to the minor girl. After a brutal, clear "No" from Ellie, David orders to be processed into bite-size pieces.

Before this happens, Ellie can escape from her cell. She kills James, and in a spectacular confrontation with David, she uses a cleaver to make sure that David's days on the post-apocalyptic earth come to an end. Joel, who is now conscious again, hurries to help and finds a frenzied Ellie close to the madness.

The Last of Us: A Look Back at the History of the Playstation Masterpiece (3)

The Last of Us: A Look Back at the History of the Playstation Masterpiece (3)

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More months pass. In the spring, Joel and Ellie finally locate the audio recording in the hospital where the Fireflies laboratory is supposed to be located. It is very clear that the two are now family: after everything that has happened, Joel can and will no longer live without Ellie and she cannot live without him. In one of the game's most touching scenes, we get a brief moment of peace, a glimpse of the good in the world, when Joel and Ellie meet a group of giraffes from a former zoo. When humanity is almost at an end, it is comforting to know that life itself cannot be easily wiped out. Joel raises the question of whether it would be better to return to Tommy's camp and live a peaceful life as much as possible. But Ellie is determined to end her mission.

Arrived at the Fireflies hospital, Joel meets Marlene again, while Ellie is being prepared for an operation elsewhere to remove the antibodies from her body. The peace doesn't last long, because Joel quickly realizes that the fungus is spreading in the brain and that Elgo would inevitably die during the removal procedure. When Joel protests, Marlene orders her men to capture him and shoot him in an emergency. But Joel can outsmart and kill his guard. He fights his way through the hordes of Fireflies to the operating room. There he murders the doctors and grabs the unconscious Ellie. On the way out of the hospital, Marlene stands in his way and tries to convince him that the antidote that could be created by Ellie's antibody is the last hope for humanity; and that Ellie herself would want it that way.

But Joel, now finally the antagonist of his own story, puts his own happiness above that of humanity. He flees with Ellie, ready to lie to her face, that the Fireflies have declared the search for an antidote to be futile and that there are many more people like her who are immune to the fungus. In a final, emotional scene, Ellie asks Joel to swear that the events in the hospital happened the way he said it would. He's lying in her calm face.

The Last of Us: A Look Back at the History of the Playstation Masterpiece (4)

The Last of Us: A Look Back at the History of the Playstation Masterpiece (4)

Source: Sony

With these words, one of the darkest and best stories of the PS3 and PS4 era ends. In the only DLC for the game, however, we learn a few important things from Ellie's life before she met Joel. Three weeks earlier we meet Ellie in a kind of boarding school. Her best friend Riley, whom she hasn't seen in a while, leads her to an abandoned mall where she'd spent a lot of time when she was younger. There they spend some carefree moments together and it quickly becomes clear that they both feel much more about each other than just friendship. Riley tells Ellie that she works for the Fireflies and is going to be used in another city. That's why she wanted to see Ellie one last time.

After a first, shy kiss, the situation gets out of control when infected people attack. Both girls are bitten. Riley calms the upset Ellie and they decide to face their upcoming transformation together.

Hard Tobak, and The Last of Us Part 2 doesn't stay behind, on the contrary. We hope you enjoyed our review of The Last of Us story. Read ours too Preview and watch the accompanying video for The Last of Us Part 2. You can expect the test in the foreseeable future.

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