Are you really looking forward to The Last of Us 2 and want to review the story of the first part? Or did you not play the first part and want a compact summary of the story? In both cases we summarize the most important events for you in text and video form.

The Last Of Us 2

The Last of Us was a milestone in 2013 in how complex and emotional stories can be told in video games. No wonder that the story of The Last of Us 2 will be the focus again. Since Part One was seven years ago, we want to give you a summary of the story. We present these to you in compact form in the following video and also in more detail below in text form.

Prologue: The outbreak in 2013

The story begins with the young girl Sarahwho one night in September 2013 from a call from her Uncle Tommy is woken from sleep. She should be her father Joel get on the phone. Still looking drowsy, she searches the house for her father before he finally storms into the house and searches for his revolver. Not without reason, because her seemingly insane neighbor violently gains access shortly afterwards and Joel is forced to shoot him. Without time for many explanations, Joel and Sarah flee from the house where Joel's brother Tommy is just arriving by car to pick them up.

As they drive through the neighborhood and localities, they observe panicked people who seem to be fleeing from something. The outbreak of Cordyceps fungal infection was in full swing that night.

What is the Cordyceps Mushroom? The cause of the apocalypse in the world of The Last of Us is the Ophiocordyceps unilaterlis mushroom The parasitic fungus, which is actually only known from the animal world, settles in the host so that it no longer has control over its own body. In TLOU, this has now also affected humans in a mutated form and the effects are devastating. Humans mutate to infection that can be through body fluids or fungal spores after just two days into zombie-like creatures that attack other people. The full outbreak in 2013 has resulted in 60% of the world's population being killed and since then nothing has been what it used to be.

After an accident in their car, Joel, Sarah and Tommy continue their escape on foot, but shortly afterwards meet soldiers from the military, who are trying to contain the outbreak as quickly as possible. Not sure if Joel and Sarah are already infected, the soldier shoots at them. While Joel suffers only minor injuries, Sarah dies that first night from the effects of her protective injury on her father's arms.

20 years later: life in the quarantine zone

in the Year 2033 Joel lives with his partner Tess in a Quarantine Zone in Boston and hires himself there as a smuggler. After a dispute with the arms dealer Robert, in the result of which Tess shoots him, the two learn about the for the first time Grouping of the Fireflies, to whom Robert had sold Tess and Joel's weapons. Shortly afterwards dives Marlene, the leader of the Boston Fireflies, and offers the two a deal for the failed gun business. If they smuggle something out of the city for them, they would get their weapons and a bonus back.

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The Last of Us 2: Everything about setting, story and characters

As you will find out a little later, this “something” is, however the 14 year old girl Ellie. While Tess and Marlene go to the gun hideout, Joel escorts Ellie to the city limits, where Tess finally joins them again. Here they come across a military patrol that takes them prisoner and tests them for infection. In a panic reaction, Ellie attacks a soldier with her knife and in the process they manage to overpower and kill the soldiers. The reason for Ellie's action becomes immediately clear. She is infected and the test device also shows this, but her bite was three weeks ago and at this point for some reason it seems to be immune. The Fireflies therefore want with their help a cure develop.

On the way to Jackson

When she did a little later Fireflies base in Massachusetts arrive, they only find corpses, but no laboratory. It also turns out that Tess was bitten by an infected on her way here. There is no rescue for them and so she gives Joel and Ellie some more time for them flee from the military can.

After a stop in Lincoln, where she met Joel's old friend Bill get a car, they plan with it Jackson, Wyoming to drive. Tommy now lives there and there is said to be another Fireflies base nearby. First, however, they are from a group Looters in Pittsburgh mug and lose their car. It continues on foot through the city, always hiding from the attackers' watchful eyes.

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The Last of Us: Remastered for PS4

Through the time together, Joel and Ellie are slowly starting to make friends and Joel is constantly trying to protect Ellie. In addition, she shouldn't have to kill people herself, which cannot be avoided in the further course, however, when she saves Joel from the attack of a looter.

As they flee through Pittsburgh, they encounter the brothers Henry and Sam. After a few exertions they manage to escape together across the Ohio River and for a while they continue to head west. One morning, however, they are surprised by Sam, who attacks Ellie because he had previously been infected. In the tragic course of events, Henry first shoots Sam and then himself. From now on, Ellie and Joel are alone again.

See you again with Tommy

After around 2,000 miles and several months later, they finally come in Jackson County on and in a closed-off settlement there is a reunion with Joel's brother Tommy. Here he lives with his new wife Maria in an old hydropower plant. Joel suggests that Tommy finish the job and take Ellie to the Fireflies, as he knows the area better.

Ellie was far from enthusiastic about it and reproached Joel that their time together had meant nothing and he just wanted to get rid of them. However, Joel dominated his fear of loss and he was still marked by the tragic death of his daughter. Ellie was dear to his heart and he wanted to prevent anything from happening to her at all costs, which is why he rated her chances of survival with Tommy as better. However, Ellie only wanted him as her protector and eventually Joel agreed to continue accompanying her.

The two finally set out on a horse University of East Coloradowhere the Fireflies should probably be. They no longer found any members of the Fireflies there, but there was a reference to their refuge in Salt Lake City. Before they could leave, however, Joel was seriously injured in the fight with a looter. Ellie managed to get him to safety and treat his injuries. For the coming winter months, however, she had to take care of him and ensure their survival together.

David and the cannibals

One day, while searching for food and medicine for Joel, Ellie meets a mysterious stranger named David. He appears friendly at first, but soon reveals himself and it turns out that many members of his group were killed by Ellie and Joel in the unvisited area of ​​East Colorado. After a perfidious cat-and-mouse game, David finally captures Ellie. When she recovers in captivity, Ellie realizes that it is David and his group Cannibals acts that eat human flesh to survive.

Shortly before Ellie herself becomes a victim, she can free herself and Finally kill David in an ultimate showdown. Joel joins her shortly afterwards, who has since recovered from his injuries.

Finale at St. Marys Hospital

At the end of their trip across the United States, Joel and Ellie finally come to the Salt Lake City Hospital at. After being knocked out by suspicious Fireflies in a raging river after a turbulent sequence, he wakes up in the hospital, where it is See you again with Marlene gives. He wants to see Ellie to see that she is fine, but she explains that she is already being prepared for the operation.

Your immunity is determined by a mutated form of the Cordyceps mushroom triggered, which had lay over her brain. The Fireflies are hopeful that the mutated mushroom is one vaccine can be developed, however, the intervention inevitably resulted in the death of Ellie. Joel cannot accept this and decides to get Ellie and flee the hospital with her. During the rescue operation he does a lot of Fireflies and finally Marlene. Together they can finally escape in a car.

When Ellie regains consciousness in the car Joel lies to her about the events in the hospital. He tells her that many immune people have already been examined there, but the cultivation of a vaccine has been unsuccessful and that Ellie's immunity did not help after they had done a few tests with her.

They returned to Tommy in Jackson and settled here in the settlement with him and Maria. In the final sequence, Ellie asks Joel one last time whether everything he reported about the events in the hospital was true. Joel affirmed this and upheld the lie, which Ellie accepts with a short "Okay", which ends the story.

Left Behind DLC Story Events

The "Left Behind" DLC takes place three weeks before the first meeting of Ellie and Joel and shows how Ellie was originally bitten by an infected person. The framework for this is Ellie's search for medication in an abandoned mall for Joel's injuries during the winter months.

Ellie remembers how she was with her friend Riley explored an abandoned mall. The two put all sorts of jokes on and activate an old sound system to dance to the music. After another sequence in which Ellie Riley kisses, they are surprised by infected people who have been attracted to the music. When they escape, both Riley and Ellie are bitten and almost decide to give each other the ball. However, they want to spend the last hours of their lives together. While Riley falls victim to the infection, Ellie remains immune and since she learned about the Fireflies from Riley, she decides to trust them and ultimately learns Marlene know.

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The Last of Us Part II – Exclusive Steelbook Edition (PlayStation 4) (Uncut)

Now you are up to date and can look forward to The Last of Us Part 2, which one 5 years after the events of the first part plays and on June 19, 2019 released exclusively for the PlayStation 4. What story developments do you hope for from the sequel? Let us know in the Comments and share your anticipation.

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