It is sad when a loved one has to leave this world, but it is nice to see when it brings together many people to think about him. After the death of bilbo actor Ian Holm, the fans mourn together.

Lord of the Rings Online

The Lord of the Rings Online is currently the right place for fans to think of Bilbo actor Holm. Hundreds of players have gathered at various server events in the past few days, to pay tribute to the man who died at the age of 88. They met in inns, played music together and organized funeral marches in which hundreds took part.

The Lord of the Rings Online: Here he will live forever

A particularly good example of the mutual mourning for Ian Holm is a published video that was created on the Laurelin server. The players ran to Shire together, fireworks were fired and then sat down together in an inn to "wish him a good trip". [/ embed]

"The Lord of the Rings Online" developer Standing Stone Games is impressed by the cohesion of the communities and therefore extends it the Baggins Birthday Quest until July 23, 2020 and the Spring Event until July 29, 2020.

We are also thinking about his family, friends and fans and wish him a good trip too.

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