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In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the main character of The Boys talked about the upcoming second season – and promised absolute madness. The Amazon series is said to once again exceed all expectations regarding crazy actions.

Anyone who has seen the series The Boys by Amazon will probably have a few moments that have burned into their memories. Dolphin rescues, high-speed collisions with superheroes, the flagellation of an airplane or a baby with bright eyes – the dark setting around corrupt superheroes oozes black humor and nothing should change in season two. It will appear again on Amazon Prime on September 4, this time with weekly episodes. Jack Quaid talked about the events of the second season talked to Entertainment Weekly. In the series he plays "Wee" Hughie and offers us viewers as "normal" characters to hold onto, in contrast to the heroes and hero hunters.

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"We went so much further"Quaid emphasizes in the interview. "Nobody is expecting it. Really. Nobody. I've done things this season that I will never forget. Things that I have not done in my career and probably will not repeat in the future. We have crazier and more rampant terms Moments on top of it. " Among other things, Hughie's dog from the comic template should appear in one episode. His name? Terror. His attack command? Boner (stand).

What is the second season of The Boys about? (SPOILER)

The end of the first season of The Boys has presented a bad world for the hero hunter group around Billy Butcher. While Frenchei, Mother's Milk and Kimiko are on the run, there is no information yet about Butcher's whereabouts. Karl Urbanwho plays the charismatic antihero can't be elicited much either. "It's a bit of a mystery." But the goal remains the same. "Just because the boys are being tracked down and hiding doesn't mean they stop doing what they do."

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