from Karsten Scholz
Those responsible at NCSoft have revealed the release date for the update to Unreal Engine 4 and published a new trailer that also shows the other innovations of the patch: the double blade and the forest of echoes dungeon.

In March, those responsible at NCSoft had one Update from Blade & Soul to Unreal Engine 4 announced. The developers promised not only a visual upgrade, but also improvements for performance and loading times.

Now we finally know the exact date for the modernization of the engine: The update will go online in Europe and America on September 8, 2021, and we will then expect further innovations:

  • The new class of double blades
  • The new 4-player dungeon Forest of Echoes

With a freshly published trailer you can get in the mood for the Unreal Engine 4 update.

Blade & Soul: Trailer zum Unreal-Engine-4-Update

And here you can see in a direct comparison how much faster the loading times will be:

In addition to the update, the developers are offering packages of the resurrection, which should cost 9.99 euros, 24.99 euros or 39.99 euros. The contents of the packages range from premium memberships to exclusive character titles, items for changing appearance or additional character slots to the cosmetic Galactic Wings. One You can find an overview of all packages and content here. You can find more details about the update on the official website of Blade & Soul.

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