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The final of the first seasons of The Mandalorian may have surprised some fans. With the survival of Moff Gideon, a real villain was born for the second season coming this year. The next episodes are likely to become interesting simply because of the way Moff Gideon frees himself from the wreck of his spaceship at the end of the season.

Warning, spoilers for the first season of The Mandalorian follow!

The first season of Disney's Star Wars series "The Mandalorian" ended in a fulminating finale. Not only because we saw the face of protagonist Mando, but also because the great antagonist Moff Gideon (Giancarlo Esposito, known from Breaking Bad) ends up surprisingly alive from the wreck of his TIE fighter.

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This scene is particularly important because he cuts his way out with the "Dark Saber". The dark sword is a lightsaber with a black blade and dates back to the days of the Old Republic. The sword first appeared in the animation series Star Wars: The Clone Wars in the hands of the Mandalorian death watch leader Pre Vizsla. Later, however, this is killed by the former Sith Lord Darth Maul and the dark sword goes to Maul. In the series "Rebels" it finally comes into the possession of Sabine Wren and is handed over to Pre Vizsla's former right hand Bo-Katan. The aim of the blade is to bring the Mandalorians together and lead the resistance against the empire.

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But what is the significance of the whole thing for The Mandalorian? In a flashback in season one, we see how the young Mando is saved by members of exactly that Death Watch. This means that both Clone Wars, Rebels and The Mandalorian are more closely connected than previously thought. You also learn that Moff Gideon is a former secret agent of the empire. So it is conceivable that he was commissioned to trace the remains of the Death Watch or the Mandalorians. It is just as possible that he himself is a Mandalorian and is responsible for the downfall of his home world.

All of these rumors have not been confirmed, but they would begin to explain how he got the dark sword. However, this leaves a few questions unanswered. In season two you can hope for further explanations. It could also be interesting if the rumors should come true and Ahsoka Tano will make an appearance. Tano was namely the Anakin Skywalker padawan, waged a liberation war on Mandalore and in season seven of the animation series Clone Wars could thus be closely related to The Mandalorian.

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