As a fan of car battlers like Teamfight Tactics, who has never warmed up with most of the MOBAs that have been tried, it is an amazing pleasure to be able to tell you that the makers of the car battler Auto Chess want to make a MOBA. Not that I'm a particularly big fan of the Auto Chess universe. It's more the game development background to the autobattler genre that not only makes me smile at the announcement of the new MOBA. The Kotaku's author Eric Van Allen has the history of the car battler and I'll summarize them for you below. If after reading the text you don't have to think of a dog running in circles trying to catch its tail, then I honestly don't know either.

The MOBA genre itself has its origins in games from Blizzard. The first Starcraft has already been expanded by passionate modders with a mod called Aeon of Strife, in which units automatically spawn in so-called lanes and march to the opposing base. Meanwhile, heroes on the field try to build up their own resources in order to become strong enough to defeat the opposing team. Far better known, however, was probably the Warcraft 3 mod Defense of the Ancients, which laid the foundation for what we understand today as MOBA.

Defense of the Ancients was so popular that developer studios became aware of the trend and wanted to jump on the Hypetrain. Riot Games made League of Legends, the DotA inventor moved to Valve for Dota 2 and the people at Blizzard designed Hereos of the Storm. Of course there were a lot more MOBAs at that time, but hardly any one could prevail against LoL and Dota 2, not even Heroes.

While the games from Blizzard inspired the MOBA genre, a custom game variant of Dota 2 eventually made some fame: Dota Auto Chess. The strategy sub-genre called Autobattler was born in which players no longer fight themselves, but rely on the strengths and weaknesses of their minions to defeat their opponents. And it gained popularity rapidly. Riot Games responded with Teamfight Tactics, Valve with Dota Underlords, Blizzard built autobattler features into Hearthstone and, most recently, into WoW. Meanwhile, the makers of Dota Auto Chess developed their own stand-alone product under the studio name Dragonest: Auto Chess.

And that closes the circle. The Auto Chess MOBA is essentially a game that is developed on a game (Auto Chess) based on the Mod (Dota Auto Chess) of a game (Dota 2), which in turn is based on the Mod (Dota) of another game (Warcraft 3) was worked out.

I find that amusing. And you? Of course, we wish the makers of the Auto-Chess-MOBA every success, which tries to score points with a lot of advantages over the top dog League of Legends!

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