from Dominik Pache
Anyone who dies in Raven's End ends up on the table of undertaker Montgomery Dark (Clancy Brown). Nobody knows the dead and their secrets better than he does. From the funeral oration to the last anointing and cremation in the in-house crematorium: the deceased are in the best of hands with him. When the fearless Sam (Caitlin Fisher) applies to him for a job, he is impressed by her fascination for the morbid. But the deeper he leads the young woman into the dark catacombs of his property, the more it becomes clear to her that the dead are better left to rest.

Also popular with PC games readers Uwe Boll announces comeback - director has an idea for a new film (1)

Uwe Boll announces comeback with new film

The controversial director Uwe Boll has announced his comeback. This time his new film is set in the political field.

Monster Hunter: Action-packed trailer for the movie with Milla Jovovich

After a short teaser, Constantin Film has now released the first real trailer for the movie Monster Hunter. There are two huge creatures featured in the Monster Hunter movie.

Monster Hunter: First look at Rathalos from the movie

What do the creatures look like in the new movie Monster Hunter? At least you will get a little foretaste.

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