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In an interview, WoW successful hunter Xirev talked about the hunt for the achievements in Battle for Azeroth and revealed which challenges were particularly tricky, what his strategy for the efficient success hunt looks like and how BfA is doing in terms of success compared to Legion.

You have surely noticed: Recently three WoW players were able to see all of the currently available Complete WoW: Battle for Azeroth achievements. This trio also included an old acquaintance, Xirev, after all, he was already able to master this feat in WoW: Legion. A Editor of Icy Veins spoke to the successful hunter about this achievement, here is a summary of the most important findings from the interview.

  • When the successes were introduced in WotLK, Xirev focused primarily on the achievements that promised an interesting reward. However, that changed over time. In Warlords of Draenor, he decided to master all of the in-game achievements for the first time, since the expansion wasn't exactly happy with large content patches. Since the launch of Legion, he has been one of the top 10 successful hunters in Azeroth.
  • As far as possible, Xirev wants to master all achievements on one character, his magician. The playing time of this character is correspondingly high with 565 days playing time and 117 days playing time at level 120. The playing time of all characters in his main account is 974 days of playing time. So far, a second account has 303 days of playing time, while a third account has 32 days of playing time.
  • The success In collective fever has worked Xirev in BfA for a particularly long time. At times he was so frustrated that he had to take a two-month WoW break.
  • The success was also frustrating Subjugate rays. At the beginning of the expansion, the drop rate for success was still quite high, many players were able to complete the success in a very short time. But Blizzard finally changed the drop rate. It should take about 8,000 attempts before Xirev could finally pull the Great Sea Ray out of the ocean.
  • The success was particularly crisp for Xirev Existential crisis in the raid Uldir. Boss Mythrax had around 200 wipes until he finally had success in the bag, and it was hard to find people who were up to the task on a regular basis. Also very difficult: all PvP successes for which you need the highest rating.
  • The effort for the BfA successes was somewhat higher than the effort for the Legion successes.
  • Meanwhile Xirev already knows the feeling of having "played through" WoW. After he had succeeded in Legion, he took the chance to play Final Fantasy 14 and comfortably collect some transmog templates in WoW. In WoW himself, collecting the successes is actually the most fun for him.
  • At the beginning of an expansion, Xirev focuses primarily on successes that reward … well … with exciting rewards. Then achievements are added to his to-do list, which indirectly reward things, such as reputation success. He then concentrates on success categories and works through them in a targeted manner. If fishing successes are on the plan, you will stop fishing until all the successes in this category are done.
  • Xirev emphasizes, however, that he is not preparing for a new expansion. Since the successes are linked to all content areas of WoW, he simply starts playing smoothly, levels, takes a look at the new features and sniffs everywhere. The focus on certain areas then only follows over time.
  • The current expansion Battle for Azeroth is generally very critical of Xirev. There is just too much stuff to farm that also has a drop chance that is too low. This has slowed down his passion for collecting. He also didn't like features like the island expeditions, and he also criticized the entire system of Paragon reward boxes for the call fractions since the introduction to Legion. Before BfA, Xirev invested a lot of time in his twinks. With BfA, however, the motivation waned very quickly. Many of the supporting characters have not even reached level 120.
  • With Shadowlands, Xirev would like to be as successful as possible again. By the way, unlike his critics, Xirev does not believe that he has wasted an unbelievable amount of time hunting for success. By specifically hunting for success, he learned how to focus on and master a difficult goal. That helped him a lot during his studies, for example.

How focused do you approach the success in WoW? Which BfA success cost you a lot of nerves? What achievement are you proud of? Let us know in the comments!

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