In Harvest, the new league of Path of Exile, we use fertilizers and straw hats and become gardeners! Because with the help of special seeds, we can grow monsters in the Sacred Grove, which, when harvested successfully, provide us with the resource of life force, which allows us brand new crafting possibilities. Since the Harvest League was unveiled on June 2, players have asked many questions about the league and its mechanics. How do plants grow? Are seeds tradable? Where do we get higher quality seeds? Can the delirium mist hit the Sacred Grove? These and other questions have now been asked answered in a Harvest FAQ!

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Questions and answers about the Harvest League in Path of Exile

Can seeds be stacked?

Yes, identical seeds can be stacked in your inventory and in the seed stock within the grove.

How do I let my plants grow?

Seeds indicate how many growth cycles they need before they are ready for harvest. If you open a seed pod in the game, that counts as a growth cycle in your garden. You do not have to enter the garden to grow seeds, and their growth is not linked to the lapse of time.

The Sacred Grove in Path of Exile: Harvest. Here we harvest vitality and fight bred monsters.

The plants in the Sacred of Path of Exile cannot wither – there is no rush in gardening Harvest.

Source: GGG

Will my seeds disappear if I don't plant them?

You can keep them as long as you want, or even trade them with other players.

Do I have to harvest my plants within a certain period of time?

No, they will not wither or die.

If I don't want to take care of my garden right now, what happens if I prefer to use a card instead of the garden?

This has no negative effects on your garden, it just pauses your progress. You can leave it to yourself as long as you want and return when you are ready.

How do I get garden tools?

You will start with a small number of all types of equipment to make it easier for you to start your garden. Some are already set up in the garden to make sure that it is easy to learn how things work while you are playing. It will probably also be possible to buy additional parts of the infrastructure with vitality.

Can I accidentally target my garden infrastructure while fighting monsters?

You have a short window of time to activate as many collectors as you want. After this period, you cannot aim for anything else in your garden while monsters are alive. The only exception is the portal to leave your garden in case you need to get to safety quickly.

Particularly rare seeds can produce one of three legendary beasts in Path of Exile: Harvest. You can drop the best loot in the league.

Particularly rare seeds can produce one of three legendary beasts in Path of Exile: Harvest. You can drop the best loot in the league.

Source: GGG

Will we be able to move or delete the garden infrastructure if we want to change its location?


Can I enter the Sacred Grove from my hiding place?


How many new build options will Harvest introduce?

There are over 45 manufacturing categories that enable over 250 different manufacturing results.

How do I know which manufacturing options I will receive?

Each seed indicates which production category it offers, so that you can focus on planting seeds that match options that are of interest to you. If you kill the monsters made from these seeds, their life force can be used to produce a result from this category. The more life force you have available, the more options from the set you get.

For example, if you plant eight seeds that give the result "Reveals a random crafting effect for physical modifiers when harvested", kills these monsters and gathers their life force, you will be offered various options with results such as "Equip a Rare Item with New Random Modifiers, including a physical modifier "," Adds a new physical modifier to a magical or rare item "," Removes a physical modifier from an item ", or" Randomly changes the numerical values ​​of the random properties of the physical modifiers on an item ". You may be able to use some of them multiple times based on the random outcome of each seed. There will be a total of 8 results, including repeated use, but you will normally not have enough vitality to use all of them. But hopefully you will be able to get and use the ones you really want.

Does Harvest Offer Advantages to Players at Low Levels?

Yes. Taking care of your garden from the start grants characters noticeable and powerful advantages both in leveling and in the endgame. We want the items you make to be very strong and give you a big boost for playing the campaign.

How do I get Level 2 seeds?

Monsters that emerge from Level 1 plants have a chance to drop Level 2 seeds if they are killed.

The Sacred Grove in Path of Exile: Harvest. Here we harvest vitality and fight bred monsters.

The Sacred Grove in Path of Exile: Harvest. Here we harvest vitality and fight bred monsters.

Source: GGG

Do monsters drop objects from the garden?

Yes! The main reward for taking care of your garden is the powerful customization options, but you will also receive normal and possibly some Harvest-specific unique items. The number of items that monsters drop in the garden is higher than that of normal monsters in the main game because they are part of the league content.

What is the motivation for killing more monsters?

The more monsters you kill, the more seeds you get, and the more vitality you can collect for your crafting sessions. Leftover vitality can be stored and used to grow higher level plants. Killed monsters also grant experience and drop items as usual, with larger battles leading to higher bonuses for dropping items.

Will there be a way to determine when plants are ready to be harvested without having to enter the garden?

We are currently working on something like a message within the UI to let you know if you have a collector near plants that are ready for harvest. The exact implementation is still being worked on and we will announce the details as soon as they are known.

How do I enter my garden?

If you open a seed pod, Oshabi will step out of its portal. You can walk through to get to your garden or alternatively enter it from your hiding place.

Will my garden ever reset?

No, your garden has a fixed size from the start. You will always enter the same garden, but it will continue to evolve as you plant it. You can also move infrastructure and plants if you put them in the wrong place.

Can I access my chest from the garden?

Yes – you can use items from the chest to craft, but you cannot take items out or put them in when you are on a card.

Can I return to the garden when I die?

Yes, unless you're in a hardcore league. The monsters will wait for you until the instance closes.

How does it work in groups?

You will be able to enter the gardens of the other group members through the Oshabis portal. We're still working on the details for assigning dropped seeds when a player opens a seed pod and how it all affects players' individual progress in growing plants.

Will I be able to enter my garden with my other characters?

Yes, you have one garden per league that any character in that league can enter. However, your plants will only grow if you open seed pods at a level that corresponds to the level of plants in your garden. So you won't be able to grow your level 82 seeds while you are in the mud flats.

Are monsters in the garden affected by map modifiers?

We're still working on the exact details, but what we can tell you now is that your card modifiers can affect the items you get from killed monsters. Your map modifiers will not affect how much vitality the monsters contain.

Can delirium affect the monsters in the garden?

We are still undecided as to whether this will be possible, but under no circumstances will delirium affect your manufacturing results.

Will there be a loading screen when I enter Oshabis portal?

No, it works like Incursion and will load immediately.