The most popular classes in Mythic Plus dungeons

In WoW Shadowlands it is much more difficult than in the previous expansions to get good equipment for your hero quickly. In the raid there are significantly fewer items per boss and the world quests are also limited. In Mythic Plus dungeons, however, there is as much loot as you invest time. Thanks to the weekly treasure trove, a really good piece of loot awaits you at the end of the week, if you have been diligent and have completed high keystones. So it is hardly surprising that countless groups of heroes fight their way through the eight different dungeons every week. However, these groups often consist of the same class combinations, because with the start of WoW Shadowlands, the popularity in the keystone instances has changed significantly. Some classes are now much more popular than others. Of course, it is difficult to say whether this is due to the performance of the class or the general popularity. But it is still noticeable that some specializations are barely available while others keep coming up. We looked at all the logs of the mythical dungeons to find out which play styles are actually the most popular. However, it should be said in advance that we can only access the data from Warcraftlogs. These are not complete as not every run is logged. However, they give a good impression of the overall situation.

The most popular tanks in mythical dungeons

In the previous expansion, there was hardly a way around the Warrior Tank in Mythic Plus dungeons. They were the measure of all things, both defensively and offensively. But that has changed significantly with Shadowlands. The damage you dealt is only a shadow of days gone by and can by no means keep up with paladins or demon hunters. The former are a little more stable defensively, but not as mobile. Therefore, the higher the keystones get, the more dominant demon hunters get. From a certain level on, you can no longer simply refuel many opponents anyway, but have to control and / or kite them – which the agile demon hunter can do much better than the leisurely paladin.

Blood Death Knights and Brewmaster Monks also suffer mainly from the low damage inflicted. Nevertheless, it should be noted at this point that basically any dungeon is possible with any tank – defensively, nobody falls down behind. Only the blood death knight was a bit weak, but recently got a buff that will still be noticeable.

The most popular healers in mythical dungeons

The BfA king was also overthrown in the healers' camp. The restoration druids, who were still present as healers in every second dungeon in the previous expansion, have been overtaken by the shamans. Only very tightly, but still. Here, the pure healing performance plays a major role. And the strength of the shamans in the raid. Sounds strange, but that's how it is. Because many high-class healers have switched to the shamans with Shadowlands, because the latter is extremely good in Nathria Castle. This is of course also reflected in the fact that these players then play a lot of M + with their main characters.

Holy Paladins and Restoration Druids do a little less healing, but can compensate for this with additional damage, which is especially effective at medium levels. In general, the balancing is pretty good even at the high levels. All healers are represented at the very highest levels, albeit with different frequencies,

The most popular damage dealers in mythical dungeons

The times when villains were practically a duty in Mythic Plus seem to belong to a long time gone. The dagger wrestlers have left their wedding behind, as have devastation demon hunters, windrunner monks or animal domination hunters. The new king is the marksmanship hunter, who also puts on quite dominant numbers in the raid. It combines massive damage to individual targets and, thanks to its compact ability, also regularly causes extreme burst damage to many targets. And as if that wasn't all, he is very mobile, has anesthesia, interruptions, control effects and, and, and. The hunter is the egg-laying woolly milk pig among the damage distributors.

Even fire magicians and balance druids, who are also not only very popular, but also quite strong in the dungeons, have to admit defeat. Also interesting is the popularity of the shadow priest, who in the past did not necessarily excel in mythical dungeons. But that changed with the move to Shadowlands.

In addition, it is quite impressive that hand-to-hand combatants are less popular than in BfA. This is partly due to the new affixes, with which melee fighters have significantly more problems than ranged fighters. Plus, there are fewer spells to break. Instead, more control effects are required, in which the ranges are not really behind the melees.

What do you think of the lineup? Do the numbers from Warcraftlogs match your experience or do you have a different feeling? And have you already changed your play style or class for Mythic Plus dungeons?

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