Ashbringer has long been one of the most powerful artifacts in World of Warcraft. The story of the legendary blade begins and ends with a family tragedy that has not been over to this day. Because in Maldraxxus, the realm of the necrolords, we meet Alexandros Mograine, the first bearer of the Ashbringer. He himself no longer has any connection to his former weapon, but instead of the ashbringer a new rune blade is the focus in WoW: Shadowlands.

Lore fans are puzzled as to which forge Alexandros' new sword comes from and whether it is intended that the bone blade resembles the legendary paladin sword Ashbringer. The biggest mystery in the creation of Fatebringer (German: Schicksalsbringer), however, is the skull that adorns the tip of Alexandros' new rune blade. Is the skull just an ornament or is it even the remains of a certain person?

Attention! From now on spoilers will follow!

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According to the bone smith who forged the sword for Alexandros Mograine, the skull is not an ornament but a power focus that gives the rune blade great power. In fact, the magic that flows through the Doombringer is so great that it dwarfs the Ashbringer. If you ask Heirmir, the creator of the bone blade, in Maldraxxus, you will learn a few important details about the origin of the doombringer.

"Fatebringer, eh? I made it for him when he was named baron. He wanted somethin 'similar to what he used in life. Based on yer reaction, I'm guessin' you recognize the shape a bit. I guess if I shared a title with a sword I'd be pretty attached to it.

It's one of my finer creations. Alexandros fought hard to come by some of the materials that went into it. Not sure where the skull came from, but it's certainly not from Maldraxxus. "

Interesting! While the usual materials from which Heirmir forged the Doombringer come from Maldraxxus, the origin of the skull that gives the blade its power is unknown. This secret naturally raises new questions.

The serious resemblance to the Ashbringer was intentional, after all, the newly minted baron wanted a blade that would serve him as well as his old one. Heirmir is a quest giver in Maldraxxus and an important protagonist of the story about the disappearance of the primus. More about this part of the great history of WoW (buy now ): You can find Shadowlands by the way in this article.

In one Interview with Wowhead explains Blizzard developer Steve Danuser the visual similarities between the Bringer of Fate and the Ashbringer are as follows:

"How does Mograine have the Ashbringer when I happen to personally know, and play, the current wielder of the Ashbringer?

So that's just a little bit of confusion over some data mining. Early on when our quest designers are putting in content, we don't always have the final models for things. And so, for a while, they were using a version of one of the Ashbringer appearances, but recently we put in a unique sword for Mograine. It still looks similar to the Ashbringer, but it's not the Ashbringer – It's actually a sword called Fatebringer.

One of the storylines that you'll see as you're playing through the different Covenants … in Maldraxxus for example – that is a culture that celebrates who you were in life and the accomplishments that you had – Maldraxxus is all about striving to climb this pyramid and become the best that you can be. And so it was natural for Alexandros Mograine, the original Ashbringer, to fashion himself a sword that recalled the blade that had made him famous long ago. There are some questlines that people haven't played yet, where it calls out the name of that sword, but it is not the Ashbringer. It's something that he had forged for himself in Maldraxxxus. "

Heirmir talks about how Alexandros had to endure a similar ordeal in Maldraxxus to get the reagents for the Doombringer, as was the case when forging Ashbringer. Since the skull that was forged at the heart of the bone blade does not come from Maldraxxus, the question arises: Could the skull belong to Renault Mograine, Alexander's eldest son? As a reminder: Renault once betrayed the Silver Hand and killed its own father with the Ashbringer. It was only the sacrifice of his second son – Darion Mograine – that saved Alexandros soul from eternal damnation.

There is much to be said for this fan theory. We must not forget that the story of the Ashbringer began as dubious as that of its dark image. It was a dark crystal that Alexandros found in an orc warlock, with whom the Ashbringer story began. Mograine hid the crystal from the rest of the paladins of the Silver Hand for years, and did not reveal the artifact until the Scourge threatened the human kingdoms. It is possible that Alexandros somehow got hold of the remains of his eldest son and kept Renault's skull until his ascent. Xandira's words also fit in with this Alexandros on his way to Maldraxxus speaks and reminds him of his strength:

"The judge saw that your memories are not a burden for you, but your source of strength."

As macabre as it sounds, Renault's bones are the ultimate reminder of his dark past for Alexadnros. Perhaps Mograine Senior would like to purify the depraved soul of his beloved son through his "good deeds" in Maldraxxus. After all, there is no trace of Renault's soul in WoW: Shadowlands for the time being.

What do you all mean? Could the head of Doombringer really belong to Renault Mograine? Or did the head belong to another creature? Write us your theories in the comments!

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