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If you don’t feel sufficiently entertained by Squid Game, Kingdom or other Korean series in the Netflix program, you should definitely make a note of Hellbound by Yeon Sang-ho – the maker of Train to Busan, Telekinesis and Peninsula! Check out the trailer for the Hellbound mystery series with us!

The six-part series Hellbound can be seen in the Netflix program from November 19, 2021 and should be of particular interest to those of the Netflix subscribers who have recently enjoyed Squid Game. Because the mystery series Hellbound is by the Korean Yeon Sang-ho, who is also responsible for the trilogy Seoul Station, Train to Busan and Peninsula, as well as for the Netflix film Telekinesis. So you can expect a wild mix of horror, fantasy and mystery in Hellbound.

The ambassadors of hell and religious fanatics

In Hellbound, mysterious apparitions occur in the middle of the South Korean capital Seoul. So-called executors of hell announce their death to apparently harmless people and the subsequent descent into hell. Fired by the chaos erupting among the city dwellers, Jeong Jin-su, the leader of the religious group New Truth, makes himself heard.

According to Jeong, only those people who have sinned will be condemned to hell, and the executors of hell have made sure that humanity is returned to the right path. Jeong’s followers even take it upon themselves to persecute those who want to defend themselves against the apparently divine destiny of a life in hell.

Meanwhile, lawyer Min Hye-jin and program director Bae Yeong-jae are trying to protect the damned in all the erupting religious madness because they do not believe in these angels of death who sow chaos and horror among people.

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