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In Hearthstone, the battlefield rating of all players is reset to 0. This will also revise the previous MMR system. In the blog post, the Hearthstone developers explain how the new scoring system for battlefield mode works.

With patch 18.4, the MMR system in Hearthstone's battlefield mode is turned inside out. In one Developer Insights the developers at Hearthstone give a detailed insight into the changes to the rating system. Please note that the following changes will only take effect after you have completed your first game in battlefield mode after logging in. Your rating will then be reset to 0.

Internal and external rating

Your rating displayed on the screen will no longer be the indicator for your opponent assignment. Instead – as in many other games – a real MMR system is implemented. The developers describe the rating that you see as "external rating", the hidden MMR is the internal rating.

This is how the external rating changes

  • The first battlefield season starts with patch 18.4. With each new season the external rating is reset to 0.
  • For a win you will now receive up to 300 points and cannot lose any rating up to an external rating of 2,000.
  • In the range of 2,000 to 6,000 rating points, similar to the rated mode, there are rating limits from which your external rating cannot drop any further once you have exceeded it. At the moment you reach a new rating limit every 500 points: So 2,000, 2,500, 3,000, 3,500, 4,000, 4,500, 5,000, 5,500 and 6,000.
  • If your external rating is below 6,500, you will receive a small positive increase after each game in addition to the "actual" change in your rating (which could be either positive or negative). For example, your rating would theoretically increase or decrease by 50 after a game, but because the system gives you 3 progress points, your rating increases or decreases by 53 or 47. This small value depends solely on your external rating – the lower yours external rating, the higher this "progress value". Please note that this value is so low that you will only notice it if you play a lot of games. If your external rating is above 6,500, that value will be set to 0.

This is how the internal evaluation behaves

  • Your internal rating is nothing more than your hidden MMR, which represents your true skill level far from your rating.
  • Opponents are assigned to you based on the internal rating. This means that, for example, a player with an external rating of 7,000 can play in the same lobby as players with an external rating of 1,000.
  • So if you see a player with a rating of 0 among all the high-rated players during a game in battlefield mode, it is because that player is probably just starting his season in battlefield mode.
  • Your internal rating is not protected by rating limits or the like.
  • The internal rating is not reset at the start of a new season.
  • The overall distribution of the internal rating should correspond to a bell curve – also called "normal distribution" in mathematics. If necessary, the developers will occasionally force this distribution with the help of a so-called "renormalization" for your internal evaluation. Such adjustments are usually very small, but still necessary.
  • Since all players start the season at 0 and the matches should be fair, players with a high internal rating receive more points for a win so that they can quickly stand out and meet opponents of equal value instead of the first few thousand rating points against newbies farm.
  • If your pre-calculated increase in value is positive, it is multiplied by a factor that the developers call the "increase in value modifier". This modifier is proportional to the difference between your internal and external ratings if your internal rating is higher than your external rating. You can imagine this process like a race to catch up – the external rating "chases" the internal rating. As soon as your external rating overtakes your internal one, the hunt is over.
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